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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E01: Pilot
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1. Set in New York City, in what year does this episode take place?
2. Peggy shares a very small apartment with another woman. What is her name?
3. Carter works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but who does Colleen believe she works for?
The electric company
The gas company
The New York City police
The phone company
4. Why is Howard Stark being investigated for treason by Congress?
His role in Captain America's apparent death
Socializing with potential enemies of the state
Selling arms to the enemy
Withholding his creations from the US government
5. Angie the Automat waitress has a nick-name for Peggy. What is it?
6. A mysterious message appears at Carter's table at the Automat directing her to meet in the alley. Who does she meet there?
Director Dooley
Howard Stark
Joe DiMaggio
Leet Brannis
7. Stark has created some things too dangerous to release, even to his friends. What does he call these things?
Bad babies
Bad boys
Hateful handgrenades
8. Which Bad Baby does Stark need Carter to recover?
Dihydrogen monoxide
Molecular nitromene
9. Jarvis and his wife have a set evening schedule. Which of the following is the correct order of events?
Benny Goodman, Brandy, Bed
Benny Goodman, Sherry, Bed
Brandy, Benny Goodman, Bed
Sherry, Benny Goodman, Bed
10. The fence for the stolen molecular nitromene can be found managing the La Martinique nightclub. What is his name?
Lizard Lamont
Snake Plissken
Spider Raymond
Weasel Wilson
11. What is Agent Carter's preferred type of knock-out lipstick?
No. 11 "Downing Street"
No. 42 "Life and Everything"
No. 084 "Spaced Out"
No. 102 "Sweet Dreams"
12. Agent Carter is flush with wonderful toys. Which does she use to crack Raymond's safe?
Her brooch
Her hairpin
Her shoe heel
Her wristwatch
13. What does it mean if the nitromene is glowing orange?
It is at peak volatility
It is inert
It is spoiled
It is resting peacefully
14. One of Spider Raymond's employees discovers Agent Carter in the office. What does she use to neutralize him?
Her shoe
A stapler
A hairpin
Her wristwatch
15. Who kills Peggy's roommate Colleen?
The mute man in the Green Suit
Leet Brannis
Agent Thompson
16. Jarvis and Carter go to see one of Stark's partners in science. Who do they visit to learn more about the nitromene?
Dr. Banner
Dr. Osborn
Dr. Strange
Dr. Vanko
17. What does nitramene emit that allows Agent Carter to track it?
Gamma radiation
18. Who owns the facility where Carter discovers Leet Brannis and a truckload of nitromene?
Wayne Tech
19. Brannis reveals that an evil organization is behind the theft of nitromene. What is it called?
Secret Six
Serpent Society
20. What happens when molecular nitromene detonates?
An explosion followed by an implosion
An explosion only
An implosion followed by an explosion
An implosion only

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