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How Well Do You Know: The 2015 Oscars
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1. Marginally informed, possession somewhat passable interview skills, displaying a variety heights....these are just some things that can be said ABC's pre-show red carpet team, which included each of the following except:
Robin Roberts
Michael Strahan
Kelly Rippa
Lara Spencer
2. She performed the absolutely vital task of kicking Jack Black off stage during the evening's opening song:
Viola Davis
Anne Hathaway
Anna Kendrick
Emma Stone
3. Step into the Wayback Machine. The first person to present an Oscar during the evening was:
Lupita Nyong'o
Cate Blanchett
Liam Neeson
John Travolta
4. "Stay weird. Stay different, and then when it's your turn and you're standing on this stage, please pass this same message to the next person who comes along." The winner of which award offered the above advice?
Costume Design
Adapted Screenplay
Original Screenplay
Production Design
5. This was the very first movie to win an Oscar during the evening:
The Grand Budapest Hotel
6. Meanwhile, this was the first to win two Oscars:
The Grand Budapest Hotel
American Sniper
7. By the end of the evening, each of the eight films nominated for Best Picture had won an Oscar. Which was the last to claim an Academy Award?
The Theory of Everything
The Imitation Game
American Sniper
8. It was so subtly worked into the program that you may not have noticed, but: this person was tabbed to watch the locked box which contained Neil Patrick Harris's predictions:
Amy Adams
Zoe Saldana
Octavia Spencer
9. Milena Canonero won her Costume Design Oscar for her work in a film:
About a Disney villainess
Set in and around a hotel
Based on fairy tale characters
Named Mr. Turner
10. Channing Tatum appeared more-or-less life-like introducing the winners of the Teen Oscar Search, whose submissions all concerned:
America in 20 years
A moment of regret
The best advice they ever received
11. The foreign language most widely spoken in the country home to the winner of the Foreign Language Film is:
Ummm.....we won't even pretend to know what is spoken in Mauritania
12. This musical act appeared with The Lonely Island in a Very Lego Presentation of Everything is Awesome:
Tegan & Sara
John Legend & Common
The Band Perry
13. He was interviewed with other seatfillers, but at least he appeared to go home with one of the coveted Lego Oscar statuettes:
Steve Carell
Benedict Cumberbatch
Robert Duvall
Ethan Hawke
14. Nominees for both Live action Short and Documentary short alluded to telephones in their title. Did either win?
The Live Action short phone-titled nominee won its category
The Documentary Short phone-titled nominee won its category
Both won
Nope, so forget we said anything
15. If your win for either an Honorary Oscar or Humanitarian Award was mentioned during the evening, please step forward. Whoa, not so fast there....
Maureen O'Hara
Hayao Miyazaki
Cicely Tyson
Harry Belafonte
16. NPH introduced the presenters for this award while he was in his briefs:
Honorary Oscars
Science & Tech Awards
Original Score
17. Think hard. American Sniper was nominated for both Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. So?
It won both awards
It won Editing but not Mixing
It won Mixing but not Editing
It won neither
18. The Visual Effects Oscar went to:
The one comic book movie
No, not that one....the other comic book movie
Whoops, our bad....we mean an entirely different comic book movie
19. Animated Short nominee Feast ran in front of Animated Feature nominee Big Hero 6 during its theatrical release. Well?
Both won the Oscar
Feast won, Big Hero 6 did not
Big Hero 6 won, Feast did not
Neither won
20. Each of the following appeared in the In Memoriam segment, except for this person:
Jame Garner
Mickey Rooney
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Robin Williams
21. The makers of controversial documentary Citizenfour appeared less than relaxed on stage...probably because they wanted to make sure to get home for the film's premiere the day after the Oscars on this network:
22. We don't think any one of us will forget the day on which we found out that Oscar winner Common's actual name is:
23. Over here is everything you know about The Sound of Music. And waaaaaaaaay over there is this person, who seemed the oddest choice imaginable to perform a tribute medley....until she knocked it out of the park:
Lady Gaga
Rita Ora
24. If you are this person, you did not have the responsibility of introducing one of the groups of Best Picture nominees:
Clive Owen
Shirley MacLaine
Liam Neeson
Terrence Howard
25. If there was a "big winner" of the evening, it was Birdman, which tied with The Grand Budapest Hotel with four wins. Including Best Picture, Birdman won each of the following, except:
Film Editing
Original Screenplay

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