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How Well Do You Know: The Cutting Edge
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1. When we first see Doug Dorsey, he is running very late for:
The Olympic trials
His wedding
The NCAA championship game
A game in the Olympics
2. Doug suffers injury to this part of his body, which derails his pro hockey career:
3. In the aftermath of his injury, Doug finds work in:
A used-car dealership
A car wash
A library
A mill
4. In the two years following the Olympics, Kate:
Focuses on singles skating
Goes through many, many partners
Refuses to skate
Appears in traveling ice shows
5. "Those are *figure skates*": What is Doug doing when he is first visited by Anton Pamchenko?
Getting out of jail
Practicing his slapshot
Building a house
6. At their first meeting, Doug confuses Pamchenko for:
His parole officer
His uncle
An NHL rep
A bill collector
7. What has just happened every time Kate utters her signature taunting line, "Toe pick!"?
Doug's skate laces have come loose
Doug has fallen on the ice
Doug has dropped her
Doug has crashed into the boards
8. Kate's boyfriend Hale:
Died right after the Olympics
Used to be her coach
Works in London
Is an Ivy League professor
9. What has Kate done for her education?
She graduated at the top of her class for a prestigious university
She has had tutors
She is entirely self-educated
She was home-schooled by her now-deceased mother
10. When Kate and Doug play hockey together, who winds up with a puck to the face?
Kate's father
11. "It's an old shirt": Doug gives Kate a Christmas present of a jersey that used to belong to:
Wayne Gretzky
Bobby Hull
Doug Harvey
Gordie Howe
12. Meanwhile, Kate gives Doug a copy of this renown book:
Moby Dick
Great Expectations
A Tale of Two Cities
Oliver Twist
13. At a New Years party,
Kate gives Doug a kiss on the cheek
Doug tries to kiss Kate; she slaps him
The two kiss passionately
Doug doesn't make his promised appearance
14. Kate sees a photo of Doug's odd ritual of:
Doing push-ups on the ice
Spilling a drop of blood on the ice
Smelling the ice
Licking the ice
15. What does Kate give Doug right before he visits home, and she finds out he hasn't invited his family to Nationals?
A map
A tape of them skating together
A replica of an Olympic medal
A plane ticket
16. Doug indeed hasn't been straight with his family. Instead of telling them the truth about learning to skate with Kate, he has told them he has been:
Playing hockey in Europe
In the Merchant Marines
Riding in a biker gang
Working on a sports call-in radio program
17. Hale announces that Kate has agreed to marry him. So?
Kate is angered, since she hasn't agreed
Kate tries to stop him from making the announcement
Doug is obviously relieved
Doug storms out of the room
18. "He's gonna make you cry, he's so good." Kate defends Doug when she is visited by:
An old coach
An old partner
An American rival
An Olympic rival
19. Nationals are in this U.S. city:
Washington, DC
20. Hale realizes Kate is in love with Doug when she goes off the rails searching for:
A hair pin
An earring
A sweater
An album
21. Despite skating well in their long program at Nationals, Doug and Kate receive low marks. However, they get to go to the Olympics because:
One of the pairs ahead of them is disqualified
The last pair to skate falls
A judge is disqualified
One of the two selected teams voluntarily gives up their spot
22. The climactic Olympics in the film are in:
23. Kate and Doug have one final spat about this part of Doug's uniform:
His skates
His belt
His button
His eye patch
24. As they Kate and Doug wait to perform in the Olympics, who vomits?
Both Kate and Doug
25. Right before they skate their final program, Kate announces:
She will fire Pamchenko as her coach
She and Doug are engaged
She is retiring from skating
She will look for a new partner after the Olympics

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