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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 01: The Dundies
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The Office Season 2: The Dundees

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1. Who keeps his previous Dundie awards in a display case above his bed?
2. Dwight discovers through word-of-mouth that someone had written someone unsavory about Michael on a wall:
In the warehouse
In the ladies' room
In the parking lot
In the lunch room
3. In a phone conversation with Jan, Michael is discouraged to find that:
Corporate will not be paying for the Dundies
Ryan has to be let go
Tapes of the past Dundies have to be turned over to Corporate
Jan is very ill and has to go to the hospital
4. What Dundie has Pam won for several years?
Hottest office employee
Hardest worker
Longest engagement
Most improved employee
5. Dwight wants to punish the female employees by:
Barring the from attending the Dundies
Docking their paychecks
Making them work on Saturday
Taking away the ladies' room
6. Where are the Dundies held?
Alfredo's Pizza Cafe
Poor Richard's
The warehouse
7. Michael appears at the Dundies wearing:
A track outfit
A clown costume
A tuxedo and a hooded sweatshirt
A woman's business suit
8. At the Dundies, we learn that one of employees is married to someone of a different race. Who?
9. Who gets rather wasted at the Dundies?
10. Who share an unexpected kiss at the end of the episode?
Oscar and his boyfriend
Michael and Ryan
Kevin and Phyllis
Jim and Pam

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