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How Well Do You Know: What Dreams May Come
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1. Where did Annie and Chris first met?
On the top of a mountain
On the beach
At a picnic
On a lake
2. This is Chris's job:
Emergency room doctor
3. Chris has a very unusual approach to medicine. What animal does he bring out in the middle of a child's medical exam?
Guinea pig
4. Marie and Ian die in a car accident. Why does Annie blame herself for their death?
Because she was in a hurry and distracted
Because she wasn't driving
Because she lost control while driving
Because the car had malfunctioned
5. What was the name of Annie and Chris's special anniversary?
A small B
A large C
Double D
Just a handful
6. How is Chris killed?
He is struck by a car helping out accident victims
He is struck by a truck helping a woman change a tire
He is in a car accident
He is hit by a drunk driver
7. As Annie writes in her diary, Chris manipulates her hand into writing a message. What does the message say?
I love you
I'll never leave you
I'm still here
I still exist
8. Chris is essentially a ghost who is haunting his wife. What makes him finally decide to leave her side?
His angel Albert
He's tired of hurting her
He's ready to let go and move on
He's anxious to see his kids again
9. Chris discovers heaven is made up entirely of what?
Oil paint
10. Chris thinks he made a very wrong turn and ended up where?
In Marie's heaven
In Claude Monet's heaven
In dog heaven
In a painting
11. How did Chris know Albert on Earth?
Chris use to intern under him
Chris and him were co-workers
Albert was a childhood friend
Albert was a college professor
12. Chris can do amazing things in his heaven. What does he NOT experience?
Running super fast
Flying around
Naturally breathing underwater
Jumping super high
13. What did Annie paint in real life, that Chris can suddenly see in Heaven?
A multicolored large bird
Big yellow flowers
A tree with lots of orange flowers
A large purple tree
14. Chris has a flashback of doing what activity with his daughter Marie?
Playing chess
Reading bedtime stories
Talking about heaven after the death of the dog Katie
Teaching her to play piano
15. Who does Marie choose to appear as to her father?
A tourist they met on a family vacation
A flight attendant from a family trip
A nurse that worked with Chris
A waitress they had in a restaurant
16. What scary landscape does Chris discover that Hell is covered in?
Huge burning buildings
Trees on fire
Scorched earth with lava pools
Giant burning shipwrecks
17. As he walks through Hell, what is sticking out of the ground?
People's faces
Different body parts
18. The tracker says to Chris, "In Hell there's real danger, the danger of losing your:"
19. Chris's tracker who has been his guide through Hell turns out to be really who?
Chris's brother
Chris's father
20. Who does Albert really turn out to be?
Chris's brother
Chris's father
The tracker
21. Why does Ian pretend to be Albert?
Chris always listened to Albert
The "real" Albert told him to
He didn't want to distract his father
Ian always admired Albert
22. Chris remembers something he once said: "If I had to go though f**king Hell, I'd only want one person in the whole goddamn world by my side." Who was Chris referring to?
23. Chris is finally able to jog Annie's mind, and she realizes who he is. How is he able to achieve this?
With a true love's kiss, of course
Through memories of their children
He decides to stay with her
He has to let her go in his heart
24. Besides being completely condemned and flooded, what is roaming around Annie's home in Hell?
25. What do Annie and Chris decided to do at the end of the movie?
Stay in Heaven and help others find loved ones
Stay together in Heaven together as a family
Go back to Earth as angels
Become reincarnated

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