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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E05: Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy
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1. Lorelai helps herself to some donuts behind the counter of Luke's while Luke is on the phone, cutting in front of Taylor and:
Kirk, who are out for a morning jog
a group of Boy Scouts he's leading
the other members of the Stars Hollow Historical Preservation Society
the Doose's Market employees, who are there for a staff meeting
2. Lorelai helps Luke bring a pile of groceries into his apartment and realizes that something's going on when:
she notices that the groceries are all junk food/food he would never eat
she sees flight arrival information written on a bill sitting on his kitchen table
his phone keeps ringing off the hook and he refuses to answer the phone
she sees a "Welcome" sign hanging up on the wall of his apartment
3. Lorelai realizes how ill-prepared Luke is to have his nephew Jess move in with him, when she watches him:
blow up an inflatable travel bed for Jess
clear out half of one dresser drawer
try to find music that Jess might like
move his TV into the hallway so there's room for another person there
4. Despite trying to smooth things over with Paris, Rory realizes she's still going to have to deal with Paris's wrath after:
Paris lies to Max, telling him that Rory had been spreading rumors about him and Lorelai and their cancelled wedding
Paris tries voting Rory out of the Franklin staff during a staff meeting
Paris starts referring to Rory as "Lorelai", despite Rory's insistence that she prefers to be called "Rory"
Paris gives Rory the wrong start time to their newspaper meeting, so Rory arrives late
5. As "punishment" for showing up late to the meeting, Paris assigns Rory an article on:
the Chemistry professor's pneumonia
the new windows in the cafeteria
the new ovens in the kitchen
the repaving of the faculty parking lot
6. Realizing that Luke is in way over his head when it comes to dealing with the surly Jess, Lorelai offers to:
give Luke some of her old parenting books
help Luke reorganize his apartment so it's more teen-friendly
have Jess and Luke over the house for dinner
take Luke shopping for supplies he might need
7. After Rory tells Lorelai about her frustrating first day of school, Lorelai asks Rory to:
be sickeningly sweet to Paris - it'll drive Paris crazy
talk to Headmaster Charleston about her concerns
give Max a message from her
not avoid Max - just because he's not a part of Lorelai's life doesn't mean he shouldn't be a part of Rory's
8. Luke describes Rory to Jess as "a lot like Lorelai, but she's got ________."
a slightly tighter grasp on reality
off-the-charts intelligence
bluer eyes
a more offbeat sense of humor
9. Madeline has a suggestion for The Franklin that editor Paris shoots down in typical Paris fashion - what is it?
a fashion page
a gossip column
a list of current Chilton student relationships
printing the newspaper on neon-colored paper
10. The Franklin's faculty advisor raves about Rory's article on the parking lot repaving, and tells Paris that she should give Rory assignments with "a little more meat" to them. As a result, Paris decides to assign Rory an article on:
Headmaster Charleston and his announcement that anyone getting a grade less than a B- will be kicked out of Chilton
Max, the Chilton teacher voted most popular by the students
Tristin's father, a disgraced businessman
Paris and the legacy she thinks she will leave when graduating Chilton
11. After Jess's plan to sneak out the window at the Gilmore's house is shot down by Rory, he decides to _______ and hang out by himself on the porch.
smoke a cigarette
sneak out the window anyway
take a beer out of the refrigerator
roll a joint
12. Lorelai has words with Jess upon finding him outside with the beer. She tells him she understands where he is coming from with the surly attitude, and that he is lucky to have Luke in his corner; Jess _________.
tells her to take a long walk off a short pier and stay out of his life
says she is either sleeping with Luke or incredibly naive
says that he will be friendlier if she can convince Rory to go out with him
accuses her of trying to turn Luke against him
13. Luke gets angry when Lorelai says she talked to Jess. Luke accuses Lorelai of being condescending and of:
thinking she is always the smartest person in the room
not understanding what it's like to be a parent/guardian of a male child
belittling every choice he's making regarding Jess
having poor decision-making skills - she did get pregnant at 16, after all
14. The morning after their fight, Luke catches Lorelai:
trying to bribe a child to get her a danish and coffee from the diner
sneaking in the diner to get a coffee
offering Kirk $100 for the muffin in his hand
talking to Jess, trying to get him to smooth things over with Luke
15. Rory and Max have an awkward but nice conversation while she interviews him for the Franklin article. Which of the following is not something Max tells Rory?
He has 3 older brothers and 3 younger sisters
when he was a young boy, he wanted to be a clown
he really wanted to be her stepfather
his middle name came from his father's butcher
16. Luke and Jess angrily discuss Taylor's accusation that Jess stole money from a donation cup in Doose's Market. Jess insists that Luke leave him alone; Luke responds by:
punching Jess, giving him a black eye
pushing Jess into a lake
making him get out of the truck and leaving him on the side of the road
calling his sister Liz and telling her she needs to take Jess back
17. Luke rants to Lorelai about Jess and his general dislike of kids, saying they always:
look like they haven't bathed in weeks
smell like a dumpster
have sticky "jam hands"
make him wish he had a pair of earplugs on him
18. Luke turns into a disciplinarian, telling Jess exactly how it's going to be for him while living with Luke. He tells Jess this while handing over items that he bought for Jess - what?
aids to help Jess stop smoking
school supplies
clothes that are "appropriate" for life in Stars Hollow
19. Jess runs into Rory in the center of town, and he gives something to Rory - what?
his cell phone number
a pack of cigarettes - since he won't be smoking any more thanks to Luke, he needs to get rid of them
a book of hers that he stole from her bedroom
a picture of himself
20. Rory gives Jess a nickname based on a character in a novel, and is pleased when he knows what she is referring to. What book was it?
Jane Eyre
Oliver Twist
Crime and Punishment
The Catcher in the Rye
By way of explanation.....
She calls him "Dodger"

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