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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E04: The Road Trip to Harvard
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1. Lorelai makes a phone call while on the road,letting Sookie know that the wedding is off, and that she and Rory will be gone for the next few days. Sookie lies to Lorelai, not telling her that:
she had already made the wedding cake
she had already heard the news from Rory
Max had stopped by the inn and told Sookie the wedding was off
Michel wanted to be reimbursed for the money he spent at the bachelorette party
2. Lorelai asks Sookie to please tell __________ that the wedding is off.
Miss Patty
By way of explanation.....
Lorelai knows Miss Patty will spread the news throughout the town within the hour.
3. Rory is doing something in the car that Lorelai is not happy with - what?
reading a book
looking at a map
singing loudly to the music
calling Dean
4. While headed towards Portsmouth, NH, Lorelai remembers her friend opened a B&B up there. Well, it turns out that her friend sold it the previous year to a strange woman who reopened it in her own style. What's the name of this new B&B?
The Hundred Acre Wood
the Yellow Submarine
The Cheshire Cat
The Black Swan
5. Inn owner Ladawn brings Lorelai and Rory to their room, and the ladies are unnerved by the room's wallpaper. Why?
the flowers on the wallpaper look like they are moving
it is the color of vomit
the animals on the wallpaper look possessed
it is peeling off of the walls
6. Rory presses Lorelai for a reason why she broke up with Max. After insisting that she doesn't feel the need to discuss this with her 16-year old daughter, Lorelai admits that:
she may have been too hasty in her decision to call off the wedding
as much as she wished she did, she didn't love Max
she just isn't ready to be committed to someone for life
she broke up with Max because she still has feelings for Christopher
7. What does Lorelai write in the Cheshire Cat's guest book?
"The flowers on the wallpaper are growing."
"Help, I'm being held hostage! Get me out of here!"
"The Cheshire Cat - where good taste goes to die."
"Satanic forces are at work here."
8. What does Lorelai tell the other guests at the inn that she does for a living?
barista at Starbucks
herds cats
publishes children's books
disappoints her mother
9. How does Luke react to the news that the wedding is off?
he kisses Sookie on the cheek
he announces that all cups of coffee will be "on the house" for the rest of the day
he mutters "oh, thank God" under his breath (but loud enough for Sookie to hear)
he starts laughing
10. While exploring the Harvard grounds, Lorelai is happy because:
the coffee shop's coffee is fantastic
she is surrounded by great looking guys
Rory says she is so happy they decided to visit Harvard
she is mistaken for a student by the guy flirting with her
11. Rory decides that she is "ignorant and uninformed" after:
a Harvard student corrects her after overhearing her conversation with Lorelai
standing in front of Harvard's library
listening to a group of students talking philosophy
seeing help wanted listings for tutors
12. Lorelai and Rory sneak into a dorm and chat with 2 actual Harvard students. Rory tells Lorelai after the awkward conversation that all of her mom's college jargon seems to come from:
"Happy Days" and the "Valley Girl" song
"Revenge of the Nerds"
John Hughes movies
"Grease" and "American Graffiti"
13. Lorelai can't believe that Rory may have a roommate "forced" on her. Which of the following is not an example of a "lemon" of a roommate mentioned by Lorelai?
a serial murderer
a Hare Krishna banging a tambourine all night
a girl who hangs a "hang in there!" kitten poster on the wall
someone who likes Linkin Park
14. Lorelai is sad after seeing something hanging on a wall in a Harvard building - what?
a signup sheet for a self-defense course
a sign requesting tour guides to show students from Rory's graduating class around
a picture of the valedictorian from the year she would have been graduating college
a map that reminds her of how far Rory will be from her when she starts college
15. Lorelai returns from the bathroom to the lecture hall where she left Rory, to find:
Rory participating in a discussion
students inviting Rory to a frat party later that night
the same student who hit on her earlier, looking for her so he could ask her out
a professor asking Rory about her plans to attend Harvard
16. What does Rory say she loved most about Harvard?
Paris wasn't there.
The guys were smarter than the ones in Stars Hollow.
The "Harvard air" seemed clean and pollution-free.
They don't sell giant foam fingers.
17. Why does Emily become angry when Lorelai starts to tell her about the wedding being called off?
she thinks Lorelai and Max have eloped
she is upset she "wasted" money on a wedding that didn't happen
she knew Lorelai would "mess this up somehow"
she thinks this will jeopardize Rory's career at Chilton
18. Once the news is out, Lorelai annoys Emily by:
asking her what she REALLY thought of Max
insisting on knowing what her wedding gift was going to be
forcing her to hug Lorelai as an expression of sympathy
acting unfazed by the fact she called her wedding off days before the event
19. Lane's back from Korea and found it wasn't so bad, partially because:
there are SO many hot guys in Korea
it was nice not being under her mother's watchful eye
she got to see a lot of great concerts in Seoul
Korea is "bootleg heaven"
20. Lorelai tells Luke that the last few days have made her realize it's time for a change - she's going to:
get rid of the chuppah Luke made for her
sell her house and find a bigger place
get started on plans to open an inn with Sookie
call Max and apologize

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