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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E03: Red Light on the Wedding Night
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1. Lorelai and Rory are sampling wedding cake flavors at Weston's Bakery and can't decide which cake they like best. Rory wonders if it's right for them to be sampling wedding cakes there, since ______.
Sookie is already making the cake for free
they are planning on serving cupcakes instead of a cake
they have already bought one from Weston's
they have already decided on a flavor
2. Kirk is trying to get hired as Lorelai and Max's wedding photographer. Which iconic photo does he try to pass off in his portfolio as one of his own?

By way of explanation.....
He later says he includes it as an example of the excellence he aspires to.
3. Lorelai wants her and Max to double date with Dean and Rory to celebrate:
Max staying overnight at the house for the first time
her and Max's anniversary
Dean and Rory's reconciliation
the fast-approaching beginning of a new school year
4. Max is appalled by Lorelai's and Rory's seeming lack of knowledge regarding:
basic home maintenance
car repair
the oven
grocery shopping
5. Why does Lorelai wake Rory up in the middle of the night, wanting to chat?
she wants to discuss plans for the bachelorette party
she had a dream that she wants Rory to interpret for her
she's freaked out by having Max asleep in her room
she hears noises outside and wants Rory to help her investigate
6. Luke is angry when he sees a construction crew outside of the diner and Taylor informs him that the crew is there to:
tear up and repave the road in front of the diner
install Stars Hollow's first traffic light and metered crosswalk outside of the diner
remove the hardware store signage hanging in front of the diner
put in a parking lot in the space next to the diner
7. Luke is evasive when Lorelai asks him:
if he has feelings for her
whether he is coming to the wedding
whether his parents were happily married
if he can ever see himself getting married
8. After their double date, Lorelai and Rory run off to get ice cream while Dean shares useful pieces of information with Max. Which of the following does he not tell Max?
Lorelai and Rory are at their crankiest late at night, so avoid late night fights
go along with their "bits"
don't eat the last of the Parmesan cheese
don't bother trying to get them to eat healthy food
9. Shortly after arriving home from the double date, Max and Lorelai fight about his role in Rory's life. Lorelai tells Max he doesn't have to have a role in Rory's life, since she's "already brought up". What is the situation that led to this fight?
Rory and Dean were alone on the porch past 11:00pm
Max caught Dean and Rory making out on the couch
Rory was impolite to Max and he tried to send her to her room
Dean wasn't sure how to address Max
10. Max is hurt when Lorelai admits that she:
isn't sure she can see herself married to him for the rest of her life
doesn't want any children with him
will always have feelings for Christopher
hasn't given thought to their future and how their separate lives will meld together after they are married
11. Taylor unveils the new traffic signal and crosswalk to the townspeople, whose biggest issue with it seems to be that:
the crosswalk is wider than it needs to be - Taylor requested the crosswalk be enlarged
the instructional sign is "written for morons"
the signage obstructs the view out of the diner
the crew used bright orange paint when painting the crosswalk
12. While at the traffic signal unveiling, Lorelai, Sookie and Luke have a discussion that makes Lorelai a bit sad. What's it about?
whether weddings and marriages are "pointless"
the divorce rate in the United States
her lack of chemistry with Max
Christopher and "what could have been" with him
13. Lorelai, Sookie, Michel and Miss Patty try to get underage Rory into a club for Lorelai's bachelorette party, by telling the bouncer that Rory is:
a college student doing an assignment for her Women's Studies class
Sookie's sister
an international supermodel and spokewoman
an actress studying for a part in her latest movie
14. The ladies and Michel find Emily waiting for them inside the drag club. Who invited Emily to the bachelorette party?
Miss Patty
By way of explanation.....
"Just a little surprise for you. I thought it would be a kick."
15. Emily tells a story about the week before her and Richard's wedding. She was so in love, and would try her wedding dress on every night after her mother went to sleep. Her story causes the other ladies to call the men in their lives. Lorelai doesn't call Max, though - who does she call?
16. Christopher bases his opinion of Max on:
the brand of sneakers he wears
the contents of his CD collection
the car he drives
the job he has
17. Max shows up at the inn, upset because Lorelai:
has yet to make him a set of keys for the house
decides last-minute that she'd rather elope
has told him she doesn't want to change her name after they are married
called Christopher instead of him at her bachelorette party
18. Lorelai, to Rory: "Honey, someday when you're a little older, you will be introduced to something that is extremely seductive but fickle - a fair weather friend who seems benign but packs a wallop like a donkey kick. And that is ________."
an energy drink
the Long Island iced tea
19. Luke arrives at Lorelai's house with a gift - a chuppah, made by Luke himself, for her and Max to get married under. Lorelai wonders if:
she and Max are "allowed" to get married under a chuppah if neither one of them are Jewish
she can accept such a gift from someone who won't come to her wedding
this means Luke is interested in her
there is a way to add more goat figurines to the chuppah, as she loves the one goat that is already there
20. Luke, to Lorelai: "I guess if you can find that one person who is willing to put up with all your crap and doesn't want to change you or dress you or _________, then marriage can be all right."
redecorate your apartment
put you on a diet
make you eat French food
force you to watch black and white movies

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