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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E02: Hammers and Veils
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1. Who tells Rory about the Rebuilding Together going on the next day, where students build and fix up homes for the needy?
Headmaster Charleston
2. Lane runs into Henry, the guy Lane met at the Chilton party. He mentions that he called Lane multiple times, but kept hanging up because Mrs. Kim was answering. He stopped calling once:
Mrs. Kim threatened to call the FBI to have the hangup calls traced
Lane finally answered the phone and told him to stop calling
Mrs. Kim had their phone number changed due to all the hang-ups
Mrs. Kim told him she was getting caller ID to see who was calling
3. Lorelai thinks the idea of Rory helping to build a house is hilarious, as:
she doesn't know the difference between flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers
she has a lightbulb in her closet that's been burned out for years that she still hasn't changed
she needs help standing on a step stool, never mind a ladder!
every time she's tried to use a hammer, she's put a hole in the wall
4. Lorelai breaks up the awkward silence during dinner by telling Emily she's engaged. Emily responds by telling her:
she'll be sure to send a nice gift if she and Richard are unable to attend
Max is making a terrible mistake - Lorelai comes with SO much baggage
congratulations, she hopes they will be very happy together
she already knew after Sookie's phone call, and as a result will not be attending the wedding
5. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai tells Rory that the two worst mistakes she's made in her life are telling her mother she's getting married to a wonderful guy who will love her and make her happy, and ___________.
perming her hair in the 9th grade
giving Emily her address when she finally moved out
naming Rory after herself
eating too many marshmallows during the last movie night
6. Lorelai gives Rory a gift before she leaves to build a house - a hammer covered in pink feathers. Why does she say she decorated it with feathers?
so the hammer will be "light as a feather"
so Rory will be the most stylish home builder ever
so everyone will remember the unique Rory Gilmore
so the rhinestones and bows won't feel lonely
7. Which of the following items is not part of the "Lane Kim Retrieval Kit"?
phonetically written out Korean phrases like "have you seen this girl?"
money for a plane ticket to Korea
a mock-up picture of her in 6 months
a map of the house she will be staying at
8. Dean is upset after Rory cancels their date so she can:
plan and schedule extracurricular work that will help her get into Harvard
comfort an upset Lorelai
do an extra credit assignment
study up on how to build houses - she will be doing it again next weekend
9. Rory volunteers to be a Fireflies troop leader, but panics when she realizes:
she will have to teach the girls to cook something edible
she will have to go camping and she has no wilderness skills
she will have to wear yet another uniform
she doesn't particularly like young children
10. Already disappointed in her mother's reaction to the news of her engagement, Lorelai becomes even more emotional when Max tells her how his parents reacted to the news. Which of the following was not something Max mentions?
his mother offers to let Lorelai wear her wedding dress
his parents offer a check in the amount of $35
his mother says Lorelai can call her "Mom" if she'd like to
his parents offer the use of their timeshare for the honeymoon
11. During her fight with Emily, Lorelai compares her mother's reaction to her wedding news to the reaction she might have given if Lorelai had announced:
she was thinking of buying a Honda
she had bought a new dress
her kitchen was being remodeled
she is now drinking vodka tonics instead of martinis
12. Sookie insists that for the rest of their lives, Lorelai and Max are going to remember 3 things about their engagement party. Which is not one of them?
the special song they danced to
the ice sculptures
the friends who came
the cookies they ate
13. Michel refuses to taste-test Sookie's cookies, because he is only allowed to eat 1500 calories a day. This means that if he tries the cookies, he _______!
has to run an extra 3 miles later
can't have his Boca Burger later
will have to do squats at the reception desk
can only drink water for the next week
14. Max and Lorelai will be apart for the two months leading up to the wedding - why?
Lorelai and Rory are spending the summer in Europe
Max will be visiting his parents in California
Max and Lorelai decides to spend the summer apart, as "absence makes the heart grow fonder"
Max will be working in Toronto for the summer
15. Rory and Dean make up at the engagement party, with Dean apologizing for his behavior, and Rory admitting she gets tunnel vision when it comes to Harvard. She tells Dean he is important to her - the only way he could be more important to her is if he:
was holding a stack of novels
ran Harvard
had a never-ending supply of coffee in his hand
had a Kit Kat bar growing out of his head
16. Equipped with a blowhorn, Kirk threatens expulsion from the party to any person who:
stays on the dance floor for more than 2 songs at a time
takes more than 3 treats
doesn't reuse his or her Styrofoam drinking cup
parks in the "no parking" zone
17. Jackson, feeling pressured by all of Sookie's love and wedding talk, finally snaps, telling her he's not ready for marriage. He says something that Sookie finds to be hilarous - what?
he may be ready to get engaged in 6 months, so she should check with him then
he can't consider marriage until they go to couples counseling
he would be willing to move in with her
he thinks they should have a baby
18. Lorelai apologizes to Emily for her part in the argument, saying that she doesn't know how to share good news with Emily, as she's afraid of a negative reaction. She asks for Emily's advice on what veil she should wear with her dress. What is Emily's response?
the shorter one, as it's "classier"
neither - she should wear flowers in her hair instead
the longer one, as short veils are "tacky and cheap looking"
neither - she should wear a tiara instead
By way of explanation.....
Emily wore a tiara on her wedding day.

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