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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E01: Sadie, Sadie
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1. Rory thinks that if Lorelai accepts Max's proposal, she should "walk down the aisle to Frank Sinatra with a large bouquet of something that smells really good". Lorelai's answer to that is _____.
"Chanel No. 5"
"pot roast"
2. A frazzled Lane tells Rory that her parents are sending her to Korea to spend time with her relatives. What part of this trip has her so panicked?
they bought a one-way ticket, with no return date in sight
she is going to miss the release date of a CD she's been looking forward to buying
she is being set up on a date with the son of her aunt's best friend - he's a future doctor
her cousins are planning on coming back to America with her, and will be staying in the Kim house
3. Lorelai realizes she may be more into the idea of a wedding than she thought when she:
stops by Stars Hollow Jewelers on the way to Luke's and tries on a wedding ring
starts looking at bridal magazines while buying Rory a newspaper
writes out her married name on the back of a napkin
looks at an ad for a bridal fair in Hartford
4. Everyone in town gathers in front of Luke's Diner to watch Lorelai tell Luke about her possible engagement. Luke responds to the news by coolly asking Lorelai questions that she hasn't yet discussed with Max. Which of the following is NOT one of Luke's questions?
Will they live in Hartford or Stars Hollow?
Will she work after they are married?
Will they have children together?
Will they sign a prenuptial agreement?
5. Lorelai compares sharing news of the proposal with Luke to - what?
getting thrown in a locker by a high school bully
a mother making her children share their toys
a kid breaking a popsicle in half and giving one part to a friend
watching a car collision in slow motion
6. At Friday night dinner, Emily answers the door downright giddy. She has news to share with Lorelai and Rory - news they already happened to know. What is the news?
Richard and Emily are spending the summer in London
Rory's in the top 3% of her class at Chilton
Rory was voted Student Council president by her Chilton classmates
one of Richard's friends, a Harvard alum, wants to meet with Rory to discuss her future
7. Lorelai sneaks away from Friday night dinner to call Max. She asks him the logistical questions that Luke had asked her earlier, and she mentions a reason she loves living in a small town. What is it?
a lack of traffic lights
her bank teller
her mail carrier
her neighbors
8. Michel believes he will be able to live longer - possibly forever, depending on future medical advances - by:
cutting his daily calories by 30%
omitting brown foods from his diet
showering three times a day
sleeping exactly 8.75 hours a night
9. After celebrating the engagement news, Lorelai and Sookie enjoy:
looking at a bridal magazine for ideas
calling Max so Sookie can share her excitement with him too
leaving the inn immediately to try on wedding dresses
watching Jackson squirm over Sookie's elation about a wedding
By way of explanation.....
"Hey, next time he's here, tell him that you're pregnant."
10. Max calls Rory asking for her opinion on - what?
an engagement ring Lorelai will like
a house he thinks Lorelai might like to live in with him
a book he is thinking of doing a lesson on at Chilton
how they should act towards each other at school, since Rory's teacher will also be her stepfather
11. Max realizes that Lorelai has been involved in the ring conversation when he hears her ________ in the background.
panting and barking like a dog
singing a song about the ring
12. Lorelai tells Dean how much both she and Rory missed him. Dean correctly takes this to mean:
Lorelai needs the water bottle changed
Lorelai wants him to go pick up some pizza
Rory wouldn't let Lorelai watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" because it reminded her of Dean and his first visit to the house
Rory has been driving Lorelai crazy, and now she has her happy daughter back
13. Emily, Rory and Lorelai tease Dean at Friday night dinner about his reaction to:
Emily calling him "handsome"
Lorelai telling Emily that he'd like a beer
Rory kissing him in front of her grandparents
Richard referring to him as "Don"
14. What does Emily have her chef prepare for Rory's special dinner?
frozen pizza with grated parmesan cheese
foie gras
homemade Beefaroni and Twinkies
tater tots, jalapeno poppers and buffalo wings
15. Dinner comes to an abrupt end after:
Dean insults Emily by saying she should be cooking for her family instead of a chef
Emily says that Lorelai is settling for a man like Max, and should be with Christopher
Richard intimidates Dean, saying he does not live up to Gilmore family standards
Rory gets angry at Dean for his attitude towards her grandparents
16. Lorelai blames Richard's actions on seeing Rory with Dean and having flashbacks to Lorelai's younger days. Lorelai says that if Rory cuts Richard some slack, she will __________ at the next Friday night dinner.
insist the family watch "Showgirls" after dessert
refer to Richard as "homeboy" all night
only talk in haikus
wear her "Porn Star" t-shirt
17. While Richard is busy ranting about Rory, Dean and Lorelai, Emily receives a surprising phone call. Who informs Emily of Lorelai's impending marriage to Max?
18. As a result of finding out from someone else that Lorelai's getting married, Emily decides that:
Richard needs to call Rory and apologize for his actions
Lorelai is no longer welcome at the house
Friday night dinner will be cancelled for the foreseeable future
she needs to make amends for what she put the teenage, pregnant Lorelai through

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