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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 1 Episode 06: Hot Girl
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The Office: Hot girl

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1. What recent Oscar nominee plays Katy, the titular Hot Girl?
Ellen Page
Amy Adams
Kate Winslet
Diane Lane
2. Katy sells what type of wares?
Tupperware-like storage containers
Paper products
3. How does Michael refer to Katy?
The new and improved Pam
The fairest lass I've ever seen
As hot as Jan, but a lot less mean
The best addition to the office since Ryan
4. According to Jim, Katy isn't really his type. What is his type?
Uptight accountants
Women who blow off Michael
5. Michael bought an espresso machine to impress Katy. Where did he get the $1000 that he spent on the machine?
He borrowed it from petty cash
The money had been allotted as an incentive for the sales team
From his own bank account
Dwight loaned him the money
6. What two staff people buy from Katy?
Pam and Angela
Stanley and Dwight
Ryan and Toby
Phyllis and Kelly
7. Who asks out Katy, but is immediately shot down?
8. What menial task does Michael assign to Ryan?
Help him clean out Michael's car
Watering all the plants in the office, even though they're plastic
Organize all his CD's
Sharpen Michael's pencils
9. Who does Katy leave with at the end of the episode?
She goes home by herself
10. What do we learn about Michael's car in the episode?
It's a Prius
It's a convertible
It belonged to his father
It is outfitted with both Lojack and The Club

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