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How Well Do You Know: Maleficent
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1. Want to start with a softball? Here's a softball for you. Maleficent is an update of this classic tale:
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Alice in Wonderland
2. We don't know exactly who the narrator of the film is until its closing, when it reveals that the narrator is:
Aurora's mother
One of the pixies
3. Maleficent lives in this domain, where "lived every manner of strange and wonderful creature":
The Shroud
The Moors
The Myst
The Close
4. As in the original tale, three fairies figure into the story as Aurora's protectors. Which of the following is not one of the pixies' names in Maleficent?
5. A young Stefan is spared punishment by Maleficent, after he commits this offense:
Harming wildlife
6. We learn that this substance, which eventually becomes the primary weapon against Maleficent, burns fairies:
7. King Henry's incursion into the Moors are thwarted by Maleficent:
By herself
And tree-like creatures
And fire-like creatures
And water-like creatures
8. Stefan cuts off Maleficent's wings after:
Drugging her
Kissing her
Trapping her in a net
Stabbing her with iron
9. Maleficent meets and saves Diaval as he is:
Being hounded by....well, hounds
Being attacked by a larger bird
About to eat poisoned corn
Caught in a net
10. Stefan's coronation Maleficent's anger erupts with a spike of this color sent skyward from her staff:
11. Maleficent learns of Aurora's birth:
From one of the pixies
From a reflection in a pool
From Diaval
In a dream
12. Before Maleficent's entrance incursion into Aurora's presentation in the castle, she is bestowed with gifts of beauty and:
Long life
13. When she visits the hideaway house where the pixies raise Aurora, Maleficent calls the baby:
Little trout
14. To soothe baby Aurora's crying, Diaval brings Aurora:
A dandelion
A rose
A lily
A poppy
15. "Oh, come on...that's funny!" Maleficent torments Aurora's protectors by:
Making it snow inside the house
Making it rain inside the house
Lighting their clothes on fire
Filling the house with dirt
16. These are constantly surrounding the fairies:
Little green birds
Red flower petals
Blue butterflies
17. Observing the girl at play, Maleficent saves Aurora from:
Being crushed by a boulder
Being bitten by a snake
Drowning in a stream
Falling off a cliff
18. Maleficent transforms Diaval into ___________ to ward off some of the king's soldiers:
A great worm
A large lizard
A wolf
A bear
19. When the grown Aurora meets Maleficent face-to-face, Aurora calls Maleficent:
Her mother
Her fairy godmother
Her angel
Her shadow
20. Maleficent watches as Aurora gets into a playful fight with some Moor creatures:
With mud
With water
With berries
With snow
21. Maleficent tries unsuccessfully to revoke the curse:
While Aurora hugs her
While Aurora plays with Diaval
When Aurora is galloping back to the castle
While Aurora sleeps
22. Why could Maleficent not reverse the curse?
Reversing it would kill Aurora
Reversing it would kill Maleficent
She had stipulated that no power in the world could undo it
Her heart is not in her plea
23. As Aurora's 16th birthday approaches, the fairies argue over:
How to make her birthday cake
On which day exactly they should return her to the castle
Whether or not she should be able to see the prince she just met
Whether or not to tell her about Maleficent
24. Aurora is lured to the spinning wheel primarily:
By a blue flame
By sleepwalking
By a force that transports her through the air
By voices
25. As he stands over her sleeping daughter, Stefan directs most of his anger:
Toward the pixies
Toward Maleficent
Toward his soldiers
At himself
26. Who first tries to break the spell with a kiss?
One of the pixies
Prince Philip
27. Aurora's first words when she wakes are:
It was a lovely dream
I remember and forgive
Hello Godmother
I dreamed of you
28. Trapped under an iron net in the castle, Maleficent is freed by:
Her wings
A dragon
Prince Philip
29. Who or what frees Maleficent's wings from the case in which they are held?
Maleficent's spell
30. Who is crowned in the final scenes of the movie?

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