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How Well Do You Know: Brave
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1. Let's ease your way into this quiz by asking the country which is the setting for Brave:
2. A young Merida receives this gift from her father:
A bow
A grass doll
A bear-claw necklace
A wooden sword
3. The magical creates which appear to Merida several times in the film are called:
4. The sprightly figures Merida sees are which color?
5. This type of animal attacks early in the film, costing Merida's father, Fergus, his leg:
Wild horse
6. A thrilling scene shows Merida galloping on horseback while:
Singing at the top of her lungs
Picking berries from trees
Shooting targets
7. Merida scales a mountain face and:
Drinks from a waterfall
Sleeps in a meadow on the mountaintop
Plays with eaglets in an aerie
Dives into a stream
8. Fergus and Elinor have invited this many clans to come to compete for Merida's hand:
9. After the clan chieftains present the heirs,
Merida's brothers go missing
A brawl breaks out
Merida demands they be dismissed
A huge feast is held
10. Merida declares that the contest that will decide her hand will be:
Caber tossing
A test of cunning
Equestrian events
11. Arguing with her mother after the contest, Merida lashes out by:
Breaking a mirror
Slashing a tapestry
Burning a painting
Smashing figurines
12. ....and Elinor instantly regrets her action of:
Slapping Merida
Denouncing Merida
Setting Merida's horse loose
Throwing Merida's bow in the fire
13. After the angry confrontation with her mother, the wisps lead Merida to a piece of land:
Encircled by stones
That has been recently burned
Completely barren of vegetation
At the bottom of a deep, deep valley
14. The old woman who lives in the house specializes in:
Poetry writing
15. Merida realizes the old woman is a witch because a broom sweeps by itself and:
Water catches afire
A crow speaks
The woman suddenly takes on a younger form
Wood figurines come to life
16. What does Merida trade in exchange for the spell?
Her bow
The sleeve from her dress
A necklace
Her ability to sing
17. The spell is delivered in the form of:
A cake
18. And you don't know the movie at all if you don't know that as a result of the spell, Elinor turns into:
A lion
A wolf
A bear
A bird
19. Merida's brother help Elinor escape the castle by:
Running naked through the hall
Inciting another riot among the clans
Casting shadow on the walls
Standing on top of each other and covering themselves with bearskin
20. What did the witch forget to mention to Merida?
She would be cursed, also, if the spell was not undone
After two days the effects would be permanent
Only the wisps knew how to reverse the curse
No one had ever suffered the same curse
21. The witch leaves a final message for Merida. Which of the following is not one of the lines?
Hear thee well
Look inside
Mend the bond
Torn by pride
By way of explanation.....
The first line was "Fate be changed"
22. The first sign that Elinor is becoming more of a bear comes when:
She wants to sleep curing the day
She snarls at and almost attacks Merida
She eats raw fish with relish
She is frightened of lightning during a storm
23. With her mother-bear following, the wisps lead Merida to:
A dark cave
An abandoned tournament field
An expansive lake
An abandoned castle
24. Merida is locked in her room. Who helps her escape?
Maudie the maid
Young Macintosh
Her horse
Her brothers
25. Mor'du is killed by:
A stone
An arrow
A fall over a cliff

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