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How Well Do You Know: EdTV
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1. The network which produced EdTV in the film is:
True TV
2. As he is launched into fame, Ed's job is as a:
Elementary school janitor
Grocery store bagger
Video store clerk
Car wash attendant
3. The first morning Ed wakes up on camera,
He's naked
He's in bed with a woman
He falls out of bed
He has an erection
4. Ed explains to the audience in a good detail his method behind this grooming habit:
Cleaning his ears
Clipping his toenails
Scrubbing his hands
Plucking out his eyelashes
5. Ed's brother Ray tries to promote this business during his camera time:
Dog grooming business
Auto body shop
6. Which real-life film producer has a cameo on a roundtable, during which he describes EdTV as a "new low point in American culture"?
Quentin Tarantino
Michael Moore
Martin Scorsese
Clint Eastwood
7. Ray is cheating on his (soon to be Ed's) girlfriend Shari. We learn this when:
Ed comes by Ray's apartment unannounced
The EdTV cameras catch Ray making out with a female at a bar
The other woman answers the phone when Ed calls
Ray keeps calling Shari the wrong name
8. Ed and Shari first kiss when:
Ed comes to Shari's apartment to apologize for Ray
The network offers Ed $5,000 to do so
Shari gets drunk at Ed's birthday party
Shari visits Ed at his store
9. Fill in the blank to complete Cynthia's jubilant exclamation: I am a _______________ of television!
Brilliant executive
Miracle worker
Super svengali
Golden goddess
10. "I've never seen you in uniform. It's really kind of a turn-on," Ed says when he visits Shari while she is working. What does she do?
Work in a Dairy Queen
Delivers packages for UPS
Works as a stewardess
Manages a fast food restaurant
11. One of Ed's perks is being able to do this at a sporting event:
Sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" over the PA at a baseball game
Drive a Zamboni at a hockey game
Sit on the bench at a pro football game
Perform at a basketball halftime
12. What type of dance does Ed do when he learns that the network is offering him a balloon payment?
Monkey dance
Dolphin dance
Chicken dance
Tiger dance
13. Why does Shari want to break up with Ed?
Shari thinks that success is going to Ed's head
Shari doesn't want to be on television any more
Shari realizes she is still in love with Ray
Shari is offered a payment by the network to do so
14. Ed meets the alluring Jill backstage of this man's late-night talk show:
Jay Leno
Johnny Carson
David Letterman
Arsenio Hall
15. Hank, Ed's dad, appears and debunks his mother's story that he ran out on the family:
When Ed's mother was in a car accident
When Ed's mother was arrested
After Ed's mother's hysterectomy
Right after Ed was born
16. After their initial rendezvous, Jill reappears when Ed is:
Finishing a shift at work
Buying a new-used car
Walking his dog
Playing pick-up football
17. As is typical of director Ron Howard's films, Ron's brother Clint Howard has a part in EdTV as:
Ed's buddy Earl
A technician working in the truck
One of the security guards hired by the network
The owner of the store where Ed works
18. "We are go for sex, people!" The seemingly imminent romantic encounter between Ed and Shari goes haywire after an accident involving this type of animal:
19. Ed's brother Ray has "written" a book titled:
My Brother Is a Jag-Off
I Am the Real Ed
Confessions of a Smarter Brother
My Brother Pissed on Me
20. Ed's father dies:
When he is trying to run away from the TV cameras
When he was making love to Ed's mother
Boxing in a gym
After having a screaming match with Ray
21. Immediately after Hank's funeral,
Ed meets with Jill one final time
Cynthia forces the show off the air temporarily
Ed successfully quits the show
Ed tries unsuccessfully to quit the show
22. Ed and Shari reconcile in:
A lumber yard
A police station
A movie theater
A church
23. The final straw which leads Ed to come up with a plan to end the show comes when:
The cameras stay with Shari instead of following Ed
The network refuses to pay Ed
The network decides that Ray should be the star instead of Ed
The network broadcasts details of Ed's arrest
24. Cynthia gets herself fired by:
Insulting the head of True TV
Stripping naked in a conference room
Swearing a blue streak while she is on the network feed
Telling Ed the secret that allows him to end the show
25. Ed finally gets the network to pull the plug on EdTV when he begins to detail True TV's president's:
Financial holdings
Illegitimate children
Extramarital affairs
Sex-related procedure

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