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How Well Do You Know: 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs
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1. As the teams suit up for the 2014-15 NFL playoffs, they will all be gunning to reach this state, the site of February's Super Bowl:
2. If you travel to this city hoping to catch a wild-card round game in person, you'll be out of luck, baby:
3. New ground will be broken this year, as this network will air a playoff game for the very first time:
NFL Network
Fox Sports 1
4. ....and if you want to catch the Big Game, you'll want to make sure your dial is set to __________ on February 1:
5. Our favorite historical trivia question was ruined! This division had never, ever, had a repeat champion.....until this year:
AFC North
NFC North
NFC South
AFC South
6. Six of the eight divisions had repeat champions from last season. The two that did not are:
AFC North and NFC West
NFC East and NFC West
AFC North and NFC East
AFC South and NFC East
7. While we're talking about division, it's worth noting three playoff teams come this year from:
AFC South
NFC West
AFC North
NFC North
8. Let's talk about season statistical leaders, shall we? This season's rushing leader plays for:
A team not in the playoffs
9. Meanwhile, the season's leading pass catcher, in terms of yardage, catches passes for:
The AFC West champion
The AFC North champion
A wild-card team
A team not in the playoffs
By way of explanation.....
The Steelers' Antonio Brown led the league with 1,698 yards
10. We wish we would have put $10K on the league finishing with co-passing leaders before the season started. That woulda been sweet, because Drew Brees finished with 4,952 yards, exactly the same as this guy:
Ben Roethlisberger
Peyton Manning
Andrew Luck
Aaron Rodgers
11. And lastly, this year's sackmeister, who tackled the quarterback is a guy:
Who plays for Denver
Who plays for Baltimore
Who plays for Seattle
Won't be playing in the playoffs
By way of explanation.....
KC's Justin Houston recorded a leading 22 sacks this year
12. This NFL team were Golden State State champs, going 5-0 against teams from California:

13. In addition recording 5 wins in 5 games against California teams, Denver went a 6-0 against its division foes. The other team to have a perfect division record is:
The Patriots
The Colts
The Seahawks
The Steelers
14. These dudes proved to be the true road warriors of the league, racking up 8 wins in as many games away from their friendly confines:

15. Add up the conference seeds of last year's Super Bowl participants (OK, *please* add up the conference seeds of last year's Super Bowl participants) and you'll get this number
By way of explanation.....
Seattle is the NFC's top see this year, and Denver is #2 in the AFC
16. The greatest number of regular season wins by a playoff team is:
By way of explanation.....
We are told that this is the first season without a 13 or better win team since 2002
17. Meanwhile, a division champion snuck sneaked somehow got into the postseason this year with only:
8 wins
6 wins
5 wins
7 wins
18. On Sunday, December 14, three divisions were clinched within a few hours of each other. Which was not decided on that day?
AFC East
AFC West
AFC South
NFC East
19. Meanwhile, given when the game was played, this was the final division championship to be decided was:
NFC South
NFC West
AFC North
NFC South
20. These two playoff teams were the last two undefeated teams this year. Which is the correct paring?
New England and Seattle
Arizona and Cincinnati
Denver and Arizona
New England and Cincinnati
21. Which of the following is a team that beat one of the last two undefeated's in Week 5?

By way of explanation.....
Cincinnati got their first L of the season on October 5 at New England. That same day, Denver beat Arizona, ending the Cards' perfect season as well
22. The lowly, lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers chalked up only two wins this year. One of those W's came courtesy of this team, which finds itself in the postseason this year:
By way of explanation.....
It's true! Lovie Smith's boys beat the Steelers - at Heinz, no less - on September 28
23. Remember me? The top two seeds in each conference met earlier in the regular season. It's a fact. Which of the following is true?
Denver beat New England and Green Bay beat Seattle
New England beat Denver and Seattle beat Green Bay
Denver beat New England and Seattle beat Green Bay
New England beat Denver and Green Bay beat Seattle
24. Meanwhile, two of the Wild Card rounds are rematches of games played in the regular season. We don't suppose you can identify which ones, can you?
Arizona-Carolina and Baltimore-Pittsburgh
Arizona-Carolina and Dallas-Detroit
Cincinnati-Indy and Baltimore-Pittsburgh
Cincinnati-Indy and Dallas-Detroit
25. This team steamrolls into the postseason, having slapped down the last six teams that they faced:


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