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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 1 Episode 05: Basketball
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The Office Season 1: Basketball

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1. Though he had made a few brief appearances earlier, this episode really introduces viewers to the foreman of the warehouse. What is his name?
2. Pam is upset because her toaster-oven broke. What is the significance of the appliance?
Her mother gave it to her
She received it for her engagement party, three years ago
It made the best toast ever
Roy stole it for her on their first date
3. Oscar wanted to play basketball what was Michael's response?
Oscar could come off the bench
Michael could use Oscar come baseball and boxing season
They already had a minority on the team
Oscar could be the team manager
4. What stakes do Michael and Darryl agree on for the game?
Losers buy the winners dinner
Losers have to do the winners jobs for a day
Losers have to work on Saturday
The downsizing will be limited to among the losing team
5. Who does Michael refer to as the team's "secret weapon," even though he/she can't really play at all?
6. Where is the basketball game played?
At the schoolyard across the street
On the court Dwight built at his farm
In the gym in the neary high school
In the warehouse
7. What match up during the game is the most heated?
Dwight vs the female dock worker
Michael vs Darryl
Ryan vs Angela (who is keeping score)
Jim vs Roy
8. The game comes to an abrupt end. Why?
Dwight breaks a leg
Michael pops the ball
Michael is hit hard in the face
The warehouse guys have to start loading a truck
9. Despite being rejected for the team by Michael, who shows that he is a really good shooter?
10. Who ultimately has to come in on Saturday?
Only Michael
All of the office staff
The warehouse guys
No one

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