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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E21: Love, Daisies and Troubadours
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1. Lorelai is startled awake at 6:30 am by loud noises coming from outside. What's going on?
Babette and Morey's cat is sitting on Lorelai's porch, wailing
Luke is fixing Lorelai's porch rail
Dean's blasting music outside Rory's window
Emily's knocking on the door - the girls have a breakfast date!
2. Lorelai's early-morning rant towards Luke is interrupted when:
she realizes she's locked herself out of the house
he tells her he will repair her car and change the oil
Luke gives her a cup of coffee he brought her from the diner
Rachel shows up at the house, looking for him
3. Michel tells Lorelai he's unable to answer the inn's phone because he's suffering from - what?
a toothache
a migraine - caused by the ringing phone
temporary amnesia
4. Sookie tends to think she has whatever illness those around her have. This is evident when Lorelai reminds of her of a conversation they had the week before, where Sookie had to be convinced she:
only had a headache, not a brain tumor
didn't have a prostate
wasn't going bald
was still able to hear properly and wasn't hard of hearing
5. While Lorelai is busy talking to Luke (who is fixing their roof), Rory stumbles across something in the house - what?
old pictures of Lorelai and Christopher
a letter from Dean that he had mailed to the house the week before
her Dean break-up box
Max's pajamas
6. Lane is upset because a classmate tells her that she:
has horrible taste in music
has a horrible mother
is "cheerleader material"
is a nerd
7. Rory stops by Doose's Market to see Dean, but is stopped by Taylor - why?
he thinks she might be shoplifting
he wants her opinion on the produce placement - should he sort them by color, or by vegetable type?
his cashier just quit and he wants to know if she'd be interested in applying for the job
he wants her to know Dean is there
8. Tristin tries to get Rory out on a date with him by offering her:
a ride in his new convertible
a concert ticket (he has the other one)
use of his locker, which is more centrally located to her classes
a bouquet of flowers
9. Lorelai runs into Rachel, who is concerned because Luke has been spending very little time with her and is nowhere to be found a lot of the time. Lorelai finds Luke - where is he?
fishing at the lake
at the inn
in her house
Doose's Market
By way of explanation.....
he was fixing the "flimsy" lock he broke - by breaking into her house
10. Luke admits he's hiding from Rachel. What is the example the self-proclaimed "loner" uses to show he's not used to having someone around all the time, expecting him to be there with her?
she hangs her lingerie on the shower rod to dry
she makes him help with chores and housework
she puts the milk back in the fridge in a different spot than where he puts it
she recorded a new answering machine message
11. Rory goes to Dean's house to see him, but panics when his little sister answers the door. She then claims she's not there to see Dean - she's:
a Girl Scout
selling encyclopedias
new in town and lost
delivering a pizza
12. Rory makes poor little Clara cry after grilling her about:
whether Dean has a new girlfriend
the whereabouts of her brother - he usually works at the market on Wednesdays
whether she wants to go to college when she's older
whether or not Dean still has pictures of her up on his wall
13. What does Max give to Rory and Lorelai as gifts before they head into the town meeting?
ring pops
cups of coffee
candy necklaces
plastic flowers
14. Why does the town troubador think the other troubador - new to town - doesn't "respect the troubador code"?
the new troubador announces to the town where he works
the new troubadour sings catchy pop tunes
the new troubadour introduces himself by name
the new troubadour sings off-key and only knows a few chords on the guitar
15. Rory is once again getting the cold shoulder from Paris, Madeline and Louise, thanks to Tristin's lies. During her verbal smackdown, Paris lets Rory know that:
Tristin is spreading a rumor that he has slept with Rory
she has reported Max and Lorelai's relationship to Headmaster Charleston
she is the new student editor of the paper Rory wants to work on
she will be watching Rory's every move for the remainder of her time at Chilton, hoping for a misstep
16. After a departing Rachel tells Luke to inform Lorelai of his feelings for her, he shows up at Lorelai's house with the excuse of:
needing to pick up his toolbox - he forgot it there
fixing the broken latch on her living room window
replacing her broken kitchen sink
changing the oil in her car, as he had promised to do earlier
17. Lorelai says that she and Rory were so used to looking at Luke's toolbox sitting in their house that they:
covered it with a stylish hat
decorated it with flower stickers and permanent marker
made it a "house" out of cardboard
named it "Bert"
18. Max impulsively proposes to Lorelai after they get into an argument about:
their sleeping with other people while they were broken up
whether Lorelai keeps in touch with Christopher
selling Lorelai's house
whether Luke has feelings for Lorelai
19. Tristin grabs Rory's books from her, saying he'll only give them back once she agrees to go to the PJ Harvey concert with him. He winds up putting her books down, though, after:
she knees him in the groin
he hears Rory tell surprise visitor Dean that she loves him
Headmaster Charleston overhears then and threatens to expel Tristin
Paris makes it clear to Tristin that she will make his life a living hell if he doesn't give Rory her books
20. Luke realizes that Lorelai's "big, potentially life-changing" news MUST be big when:
she starts hyperventilating
she refuses coffee
she and Rory start shrieking in the middle of the diner
she tips him double her usual amount

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