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1. What is the name of the game that Lorelai and Rory are playing while sitting at the diner?
One, Two, Three He's Yours
Screw, Marry, Kill
True Love
Would You Rather?
2. Lorelai passes on the first two men to walk by. Who is the third?
3. Lorelai makes an offer to Max after he calls: she'll tell him what color underwear she's wearing if he ________.
fakes an illness and leaves school to be with her
gives Rory an A on her paper
makes a gorilla sound in the teacher's lounge
tells her what color underwear he is wearing
4. Lane tells Rory that Dean is not working at Doose's Market on this particular day. Rory needs to know this information because:
she wants to talk to Dean and figures a public place like Doose's would be better for everyone involved
she's keeping a list of where Dean may or may not be, so she knows when and where to avoid him
she wants to "accidentally" run into him on a day he's working
Lorelai has been asking - she wants to have a serious talk with Dean
5. Lorelai runs into Luke in town - he's buying Rachel a birthday gift. What does he buy her?
a candle
a day planner with a unicorn on the cover
meowing cat potholders
film for her camera
6. Lorelai gets to hear Luke rant about two things consecutively: gift giving, and _______.
gift bags
7. Rory is upset when she stops by Lane's house unexpectedly and finds Dean there. Why IS Dean there?
he needed advice from Lane on how to win Rory back
his mother sent him there to pick up a piece of furniture she picked there the week before
he stopped by, hoping Rory would be there
he and Lane are science partners working on an assignment
8. Lorelai goes shopping for Rachel with Luke's credit card. What does she buy?
a book and a camera bag
a scarf and a leather jacket
an opal pendant
9. How does Rory discover that Max and Lorelai have been talking?
Max talks to her after class and mentions her breakup with Dean
she picks up the phone and hears Max and Lorelai's conversation
Lorelai tells her, despite being afraid of her reaction
Max shows up at the house, mistakenly thinking Rory is out for the evening - she's not.
10. Awkward! Rachel walks into the diner as:
he is discussing his hesitance to commit to her
Lorelai is "dressing" Luke in clothes she bought for him
Luke is gazing into Lorelai's eyes
Lorelai is telling Luke how she thinks he deserves someone better than Rachel
11. Lorelai and Rory fight on their way home. Lorelai stops into Doose's and returns home to find Rory isn't there. Where is Rory?
Luke's apartment
Richard and Emily's house
Dean's house
Miss Patty's dance studio
12. Richard, while surprised to see Rory at his doorstep, is thrilled she's there - why?
he had a book he wanted to give her
it means Emily will be in a good mood, which always benefits Richard in some manner
it means he gets to stay home instead of go to yet another of Emily's functions
Richard was going to Fez on business and he was excited to discuss it with Rory
13. How does Lorelai discover that Rory is with Emily and Richard?
she calls Richard
she drives to Hartford and find her there at the house
Emily calls Lorelai
Rory leaves a message with Lane, who calls Lorelai to relay the message
14. After Rory has been found, Max asks Lorelai about:
why she's so upset that Rory ran away
why she hasn't told anyone they are involved again
where she sees their relationship going
her relationship with Luke
15. How does Lorelai discover the reason why Rory and Dean broke up?
she confronts Dean at Doose's Market
she overhears Rory telling Lane
Babette - who heard it from Miss Patty - told her
Rory told Richard, who then told Lorelai
16. Concerned about Rory's seeming inability to say "I love you", Lorelai goes to see her at Emily and Richard's house. She tells Rory about her concern by telling her a hypothetical story where Rory is dating a member of what band?
New Kids on the Block
98 Degrees
Boyz II Men
By way of explanation.....
Rory wants Lorelai to pick a new band for her to hypothetically date a member of.

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