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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E19: Emily in Wonderland
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1. Why doesn't Emily have any baby pictures of Lorelai?
Lorelai burned them when she was 7
film was "too expensive" and so she took pictures sparingly
baby Lorelai was afraid of cameras
Emily destroyed them after Lorelai moved out in an angry fit
2. Emily tells Rory about Lorelai's distinctive feature as a child - what was it?
a crooked nose
a unibrow
huge feet
an unusually large head
3. Rory invites Emily to Stars Hollow to:
see her in a local pageant
visit Kim's Antiques
have lunch at Luke's
see Miss Patty in action at her dance studio
4. Lorelai tells Luke that she can't eat her breakfast because:
her coffee cup is empty and she can needs coffee to dip her pancakes in
now she feels like eating lunch
there is fruit on her plate, and she can't eat anything even semi-healthy!
the eggs are on top of the pancakes rather than next to them
5. Rachel shows Lorelai and Luke a picture she took of the two of them at the Firelight Festival. She puts Luke on the spot, asking him if he thinks Lorelai:
has "amazing" eyes
is looking at him longingly in the picture
is an attractive woman
will ever meet the "right" man
6. Rachel shows Lorelai another picture - this one is of an old, abandoned inn in town. What's the name of the inn?
Rosewood Inn
Weeping Willow Inn
Dragonfly Inn
Majestic Inn
7. Lorelai's day goes downward a bit when she walks into the inn to find ________ in the lobby.
Jackson's cousin Rune
Michel's mother
8. Emily, inside Lorelai's house while Rory cleans off her muddy shoes, is less than impressed at Rory and Lorelai's set of:
coffee mugs "borrowed" from Luke's
Charlie's Angels plates
creepy clowns
naked lady pint glasses
9. Much to Lorelai's surprise, Emily and Rory visit the Independence Inn while she is working. What word does Emily use to describe Michel?
10. Emily and Rory went to a place called Teriyaki Joe's for lunch. Emily describes the place as ______.
11. Lorelai meets up with Rachel at Luke's apartment, a place she's seeing for the first time. Lorelai can't wait to tease Luke about this item in his apartment.
floral curtains
heart-shaped bathroom rug
vase of hand-picked orchids
painting of a cat
12. Rory and Lane are studying while listening to music that is making them "gloomy". Lane is gloomy for another reason, though - it has something to do with:
her mother's insistence that she not go away to college
the answering machine message left for her by the guy she met at the Chilton party
a conversation she had with Dean about Rory
a run-in with Taylor Doose
13. Emily calls Rory to ask her which band she likes better - 'NSync, 98 Degrees, or:
the Beatles
"New Boys in a Block"
"From Boys to Men"
the "Backside Boys"
14. Luke tells Lorelai in the diner's storage room that he is:
uncomfortable with her and Rachel talking about him
not sure that he is in love with Rachel
thinking of asking Rachel to move in with him
considering selling the diner
15. Lorelai takes great pleasure in teasing Kirk when:
his pants fall down in the middle of the street after his belt snaps
his cell phone starts ringing during a movie at the Black, White & Read Bookstore
he compliments Rory on her appearance
he spills a cup of coffee on himself after being startled by a cat
16. Shortly after she surprises Rory with a personalized room of her own at their house - complete with boy band posters on the walls - Emily lashes out at Lorelai for:
keeping her uninformed about Rory's likes and dislikes
choosing to run away and live in a tool shed with Rory rather than stay with her parents
trying to keep Rory from having a relationship with Emily and Richard
not helping her set up the "perfect" bedroom for Rory
17. Rachel thanks Lorelai for talking to Luke - she claims it was a success. Why?
Luke gave her a dresser drawer and set of keys
Luke asked her to move in
Luke told her he loves her and wants her to stay
she brought up the idea of staying long-term and Luke said that was wonderful news

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