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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E18: The Third Lorelai
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1. Surprise! Richard's mother is coming to visit. Emily panics because now she has to:
unpack boxes of items Richard and Emily have received from his mother over the years
hire more household staff, as his mother find the number they have highly unsuitable
stay in town - she had been planning on going away to a spa for the weekend
throw a party with next to no time to plan
2. Paris notices that something isn't quite right between Rory and Tristin, thanks to:
the evil glares Tristin gives Rory in class
the fact Tristin won't acknowledge Rory's presence
Rory's reaction to playing queen next to Tristin as king in their mock nation
Louise, who saw them kiss at the party
3. Emily calls Lorelai at the inn in a panic, in need of something from her - what?
a commitment for a Saturday night dinner as well as Friday night the next week
a coat rack she gave Lorelai years ago for Christmas
a copy of the latest Chilton newsletter
Sookie's telephone number - her caterer just cancelled and she needs a new one ASAP
By way of explanation.....
she re-gifted a gift from Richard's mother
4. Rory and Tristin discuss their kiss and Tristin says he's swearing off girls. Rory says he needs to:
keep that attitude for at least a month - he needs to take a break from women
date girls with "substance" rather than the type of girls he usually dates
try casual dating - nothing too serious for a while
keep saying, or else their classmates will spread rumors about him
5. Rory tells Lorelai she's mean because she loves:
teasing Emily and Richard about their ever-changing household staff
referring to Emily as "Castro"
making Emily think that they are canceling Friday night dinner for the foreseeable future
watching Emily uncomfortable in front of her mother-in-law at Friday dinner
6. What is Richard's pet name for his mother, the original Lorelai Gilmore?
7. Trix inspects Lorelai and Rory, and declares that the majority of their blood must be "Gilmore blood" - why?
they say they are healthy
they have slender builds
they do not have "unusually large" ears
they have nice, rosy cheeks
By way of explanation.....
According to Trix, Gilmore never get sick - or headaches.
8. Trix decides that dinner is over after hearing that:
Lorelai runs an inn
Emily had re-gifted the coat rack to Lorelai and Rory
Richard and Emily are helping Lorelai afford Rory's Chilton education
dessert is going to be late - she's sick of the staff's tardiness
9. Encouraged by Rory, Tristin asks Paris out on a date. Madeline offers Paris the use of:
her shortest, tightest dress
her false eyelashes
her water bra
any item in her stash of birth control
10. Paris tells Rory she can't wear anything pink on her date with Tristin because:
nothing screams "southern belle" like the color pink
he is saying a pink tie and she doesn't want to match him
her mother says wearing anything pink makes Paris's head look small
Tristin hates the color pink
11. Another night, another dinner with Trix. What did Trix tell Lorelai she brought with her from London?
a man for Lorelai
a Princess Diana commemorative plate
her own maid and chef
the rabbit they are eating for dinner
12. Trix offers Lorelai and Rory the trust fund she is setting up for Rory, so they can pay for Chilton on their own and not be dependent on Richard and Emily. Emily begs Lorelai not to take the money, saying:
Trix is only doing it to annoy Emily
she and Richard are loving that lending Lorelai the money has led to a relationship with Rory, and they don't want that to end
Trix is only offering the money to see what Lorelai will say; if she accepts, Trix will take the offer off the table
Rory won't need Lorelai any more if she has the ability to be self-sufficient, and it will ruin their relationship
13. Emily begs Richard to talk to Trix about rescinding Rory's trust fund offer. She worries that:
Trix is doing this only to drive a wedge between Emily and Lorelai
Lorelai will never come back to see them once she and Rory have access to so much money
Rory will become a spoiled brat if she has access to so much money
Lorelai will never let Emily forget that she loaned money, while Trix gave money, no strings attached
14. Paris and Rory's semi-friendship is now back to square one. Paris says she hates Rory after:
Rory admits to setting them up
Paris overhears Rory and Tristin talking about their kiss
Rory asks her to dry clean the outfit of Lorelai's that she borrowed for the date
Tristin tells her that Rory suggested he take her out on a date
15. Trix rescinds the trust fund offer after:
Richard asks her to do such a thing
Emily questions her motives while they are having tea
witnessing a fight between Emily and Lorelai during tea time
Lorelai accidentally insults her
16. Lorelai asks Emily for one favor before leaving the tea room - what?
don't tell Rory that the trust fund money had been offered in the first place
don't make her take the coat rack back
don't invite Trix back here any time soon
don't make her eat rabbit at another Friday night dinner
17. Lorelai is waiting for Rory's bus with coffee in hand. Rory shares some news with Lorelai, and Lorelai shares the news that Rory "lost out on $250,000 today". What was Rory's news?
she loaned Paris Lorelai's black miniskirt and she may never get it back
she got an A- on a history paper
Max was asking Rory about Lorelai after class
she owes Lorelai a new tube of lipstick

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