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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E17: The Breakup, Part II
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1. While Lorelai unsuccessfully tries to discover the cause of the break-up, Rory:
puts everything that reminds her of Dean in a "breakup box"
holes herself up in her room and bursts into tears
calls Dean's house to see if he's home - she needs to speak to him
goes back to the Firelight Festival to find Lane
2. Rory wants the Dean breakup box far away from the house - preferably thrown away. Where does Lorelai put it?
under Rory's bed
in the hall closet
in the oven
in the trunk of her car
3. Rory is keeping her mind off the breakup by keeping busy - she's rearranged all of the furniture in the living room before 6AM and is making to-do-lists. Lorelai, however, thinks Rory should:
throw a party
talk to Dean and straighten things out
watch movies about breakups all day
4. Rory refuses to walk through parts of town in order to get to Luke's, because she might run into Dean. Lorelai and Rory create a Dean-free route by walking through ______.
Kim's Antiques
Stars Hollow High
the post office
the dump
5. News travels fast in Stars Hollow. Kirk gives his condolences to Rory and tells her he never liked Dean because of - what?
his toothy grin
his large, "clown-like" feet
his "dead eyes"
his "floppy" hairstyle
6. Lorelai is evasive when Rory asks her:
whether Rory should try getting back together with Dean
how long it took her to get over breaking up with Max
how you know when someone is "the one"
if she thinks she will ever get together with Christopher
7. Despite telling Lorelai that he won't let on to Rory about the breakup, Luke shows that he knows when:
he avoids making eye contact with Rory and shuffles uncomfortably while talking to her
he gets into a slap-fight with Dean, trying to prevent him from entering the diner
he is overly complimentary - especially for Luke - telling Rory that he thinks she is a wonderful kid
he starts referring to Dean as "he-who-must-not-be-named"
8. Babette rushes over to the house to "comfort" Rory with stories about how you have to go through a lot of bad relationships to find the really good one, including a story about:
being chained to a radiator
being dropped in front of an emergency room
being pushed out of a moving car
being left in a corn maze
9. Rory decides to spend her Saturday night with Lane at:
a Chilton party
a Stars Hollow High dance
Kim's Antiques, watching Japanese talk shows with Mrs. Kim
Luke's Diner
10. Lorelai heads to Sookie's house to ask if she can borrow her car, as Rory has the Jeep. She finds Sookie freaking out because:
Jackson is cooking her dinner and won't let her check on him
someone stole her car out of the driveway
Jackson told her he loved her
her oven died and the dinner she was cooking for Jackson is ruined
11. Upon arriving at Madeline's party with Rory, Lane is surprised to find that:
there are so few people at a party for a so-called popular girl
Paris is exactly as Rory described her - she didn't embellish at all
there are valets outside, parking the students' cars
Madeline's parents are home, making drinks for the (underage) guests
12. Why does Paris keep checking her watch?
her date is supposed to be meeting her at the party, but he's late
she's giving Madeline and Louise a half hour in the poolhouse with their dates before she's dragging them out of there!
she is so bored, she's checking to make sure time isn't standing still
her mother is forcing her to stay and socialize until a certain time
13. Lane is in a panic, telling Rory they need to leave the party immediately. What's the problem?
she's falling for a guy her parents would approve of
she has to be home by 11:00 or her mother will send out a search party
she is not attached to the guy who keeps getting her around, pestering her to dance
she told her mother she was spending the night at Rory's house, and her mother just called her cell to say she was on her way over
14. After an impromptu (and steamy) visit to his house, Lorelai and Max try to come up with a solution to their dating problem. They don't want to spend time apart, but don't want to meet up just for sex. What is Max's suggestion?
talking on the phone about their relationship
meeting for coffee after Lorelai's business class, just as they were doing before
meeting up in hotel rooms under aliases
throwing caution to the wind, and dating out in the open, his job be damned!
15. Just before kissing her, a newly-dumped Tristin tells Rory something that she takes as a compliment - what?
she's not classically beautiful
she's serious
she's odd
she's insane
16. A happy Lorelai arrives home from Max's house to find:
a message from Max on her answering machine, saying he's so happy they are back together
sad Rory on the couch, ready to wallow
Dean, waiting on the front steps for Rory, flowers in hand
Emily - she heard about the breakup and wanted to check on Rory

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