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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E16: Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
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1. Miss Patty tells a group of pre-schoolers the story of how Stars Hollow came to be. Her story ends early, so there's time left before story hour ends for her to tell them the story of:
a sordid night with Mr. Rogers
dancing in a cage for Tito Puente
her time as an extra in "Caligula"
a party at the Playboy mansion
2. Rory mentions to Dean that Stars Hollow loves celebrating. Last year they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony when:
they got off the septic tank system
Doose's Market switched from plastic to paper bags
the voter registration office registered it's 25,000th voter
a new crosswalk was painted in front of the elementary school
3. Dean wants Rory to skip the Gilmore Friday dinner to go out with him - why?
he has a Friday night off for the first time in months and wants to spend it with his girlfriend
he wants to take her out for their 3-month anniversary
his grandparents are in town and want to meet Rory
he thinks the Friday night Gilmore dinners are ridiculous
4. Lorelai doesn't think there's any way Emily is going to let Rory out of Friday night dinner so she can celebrate with Dean. She says that Emily Gilmore might actually care less about the anniversary than she does about:
whether Carrie ends up with Aidan or Mr. Big
a 2-for-1 toilet paper sale at Costco
the homeless population in Hartford
coupon cutting
5. Lorelai walks in on Sookie and Jackson making out in the inn's kitchen. They claim they were discussing ________.
Jackson's tomato crops
General Hospital
6. A miserable Lorelai is nearly taken down by a _________ while walking through town square to get coffee at Luke's.
runaway dog
paper mache star
remote control car
paper airplane
7. Luke tells Lorelai that the town of Stars Hollow probably got its name from:
the local dance hall prostitute
inhabitants of the local mental hospital
one of Taylor Doose's relatives
someone with too much time on his hands
8. Lorelai asks Luke if he'd like to join her the next day in despising everyone in town who:
tells them to "have a nice day"
smiles and waves
says "hey, how it's going?"
uses public displays of affection
9. After ranting to Rory about her meeting Rachel, Luke's ex, Lorelai admits to Rory the reason she's in a funk - what?
she misses Max
seeing Dean and Rory so happy makes her wish she had been that happy with Christopher
she thinks she may have feelings for Luke
she is worried that Rory and Dean will be having sex, if they're not already
10. Lorelai says that Rory and Dean's date is going to be a scene straight out of what movie?
Lady and the Tramp
From Here to Eternity
The Princess Bride
11. Lorelai reminds Rory not to forget ________ as she's leaving to meet Dean - she tells Lane it's "a mother-daughter thing".
a piece of tiramisu
a vending machine condom from the restaurant bathroom
a meatball
a book of matches
12. Lorelai arrives at Emily and Richard's house for dinner to find:
Emily has invited a man over to meet Lorelai
Emily and Richard still aren't speaking to her because of the events that occurred when Christopher visited
Emily has spoken to Christopher and he's coming to visit again
Christopher there, waiting to speak to her
13. Rory tells Dean that their dinner date is just like:
a scene out of a romantic movie
something out of an Austen novel
the Christmas she got a set of encyclopedias
her 13th birthday party
By way of explanation.....
"I wanted them."
14. Every year, the Firelight Festival bonfire is late to be lit - why?
Kirk builds the bonfire incorrectly
nobody can find the matches
it rains and the wood gets wet because nobody remembers to cover it with a tarp
there is never enough lighter fluid
15. Chase, Lorelai's blind date, wows the Gilmores with his claim that he can:
tie a cherry stem with his tongue
guess a person's weight within 3 lbs.
pinpoint their approximate date of death, based on their answers to some simple questions
identify their biggest fears based on the items in their kitchen
16. Who catches Lorelai trying to escape out her old bedroom window?
the maid
17. Phase 2 of Dean's anniversary date takes place at:
a pet store
a salvage yard
an arcade
a truck stop
By way of explanation.....
Dean's building Rory a car
18. Dean breaks up with Rory after:
she accidentally calls him "Tristin"
she asks him to commit to her and he balks
realizing he has a hard time dating someone so much smarter than him
he tells her he loves her and she can't say it back
19. Rachel asks Luke about his relationship with Lorelai - she's wondering if there's something going on there, based on the fact:
he can't take his eyes off of Lorelai, even when talking to Rachel
Lorelai is acting very jealous when Luke is around Rachel
he has made sure not to mention her at all in town stories and gossip
her name pops up frequently in stories about his life after Rachel left town
20. Lorelai's about to ________ when Rory walks in the house and announces that she and Dean have broken up.
leave a voicemail for Max
start watching Fatal Attraction
head to Luke's
get in her car to see Max

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