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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 1 Episode 04: The Alliance
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The Office Episode 4: The Alliance

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1. The title of the episode refers to an alliance between:
Kevin and Ryan
Michael and Jan
Jim and Dwight
Pam and Angela
2. Michael wants to improve morale by throwing a birthday party, but apparently no one in the office has a birthday in the near future. Who is the recipient of the party, as his/her birthday is closest?
3. Who is not a member of the Party Planning Committee?
4. The episode shows Angela's inclination to rag on people according to colors they like. According to Angela, green is
5. Michael suggests to the Party Planning Committee getting a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake, even though:
It's the middle of winter
The nearest Baskin-Robbins is 75 miles away
The Baskin-Robbins has been cited for health code violations
The guest of honor for the party is allergic to dairy
6. Michael sponsors Oscar's nephew for a walk-a-thon. What is the snag in his philanthropy?
He ends up pledging $25 per mile
Oscar doesn't really have a nephew
Michael thinks Oscar is about to be downsized, so Michael assumes he'll never have to pay
Oscar's nephew is actually a drug dealer
7. Dwight spends most of the last half of the episode hiding:
In an elevator
In a cardboard box in the warehouse
In a telephone booth
In the trunk in his car
8. According to Michael, money isn't the key to happiness. What is?
Not being divorced
Working at Dunder-Mifflin
Ice cream cake
9. Who actually has a birthday on the day of the episode?
10. In his final appearance in the episode, how has Dwight's appearance dramatically changed?
He is wearing a cat burglar costume
He is wearing a Superman costume
He is wearing mascara, lipstick and rouge
He has died his hair blonde

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