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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E14: That Damn Donna Reed
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1. Dean arrives at the Gilmore house for movie night and the ladies can't believe he:
brought salad along with the pizza
had never heard of "Steel Magnolias"
only brought one burger for each of them
bought Dr. Pepper instead of Mountain Dew - there's more caffeine in Mountain Dew
2. Rory and Lorelai introduce Dean to "The Donna Reed Show". The ladies come to the conclusion that mother-daughter window washing, as seen in the show, would be as much fun as:
a mother-daughter gynecological exam
mother-daughter toilet scrubbing
a mother-daughter lobotomy
mother-daughter shock treatment
3. Lorelai begs Luke to let her help him paint the diner - it is in desperate need of a "sprucing up". She gets Luke to agree by:
announcing to the other diner patrons that Luke is bad in bed
singing a "painting song" in the diner
doing cartwheels outside the diner
"accidentally" spilling new paint on one of the walls, meaning the rest now "have to" match
4. Emily and Richard are disappointed because they aren't vacationing in Martha's Vineyard this year. Rory suggests they go to Europe instead, but they say it's too expensive to travel to Europe in the spring. Both of Lorelai's parents are horrified by her suggestion to cut travel expenses - what?
stay in motels instead of hotels
fly coach or business class instead of first class
visit 2 cities instead of 3 or 4
pack snacks to bring onto the plane
5. Rory agrees to house-sit for Babette and Morey and take care of their new kitten Apricot. Lorelai teases her about how eager she was to house-sit, comparing their relationship to whose?
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
Paul and Linda McCartney
Barbra Streisand and James Brolin
Prince Charles and Princess Diana
By way of explanation.....
This will be only the second night that Rory and Lorelai have spent apart.
6. Dean and Rory's fight over The Donna Reed Show and what it represents starts with a comment from Dean regarding:
his having to go to work at Doose's Market an hour early on Thursdays
Lorelai ordering pizza instead of cooking dinner herself
Rory's plan to go grocery shopping the next day after school
Rory's inability to meet Dean for a date on Saturday night
7. Rory brings a baby chick home from school as a homework assignment. She tells Lorelai its name is "Case Study #12". Lorelai gives the chick a more fitting name - what?
By way of explanation.....
She originally names the chick "Stanley" until Rory informs her the chick is a girl.
8. Which two Stars Hollow residents have a bet made over whether Luke really is planning on repainting the diner?
Babette and Miss Patty
Kirk and Taylor
Sookie and Jackson
Dean and Rory
By way of explanation.....
Kirk owes Taylor money once Luke confirms he is in fact painting the diner
9. Luke closes up the diner for the night after Stars Hollow resident Andrew:
gives his input on what paint colors he prefers
offers to buy cans of paint from Luke at a discount, since he believes Luke will balk and the diner won't get painted
walks in wearing "painting clothes", roller in hand, ready to help paint
bursts in taking pictures for a "before and after" shot
10. Despite Luke's insistence that "everything stays", Lorelai tries to get him to get rid of some wall hangings and decorations, including a:
Billy the Singing Bass fish
plastic dancing porkchop
giant hammer
Stars Hollow tourist brochure
By way of explanation.....
"I lost my head over a good chop, you should, too."
11. Luke tells a story about why he decided to change his father's hardware store into a diner. He uses a word that Lorelai notes must be a hard word for him to say - what?
12. Lorelai tells Luke they will paint every place in the diner except for one specific spot - why?
Luke's father wrote down a hardware order in that spot when he ran out of paper
it's the first spot that Luke's father painted when he built the hardware store
the door jamb has a "height chart" in crayon where a young Luke and his sister measured their heights
Luke wrote a "secret message" to his father after he died in that spot
13. Rory visits Lane to borrow a CD. Where does Lane keep her stash of CDs hidden from her mother?
in her underwear drawer
under the floorboards in her bedroom
on a bookshelf, behind her religious reading material
between her mattress and box spring
14. A confused Dean arrives at Babette's house to find Rory has planned "Donna Reed Night", complete with period music and attire. She makes a dinner of steak, beans and mashed potatoes - what's for dessert?
dream pie
lime fantasy supreme
peachy keen cakes
fancy tarts
By way of explanation.....
lime fantasy supreme = green jello and cool whip
15. Lorelai arrives home from the diner to find Stella the chick has gotten loose, so she calls Luke for help. They safely catch Stella after ransacking the living room, but there is a casualty - what?
the coat rack
a picture of Rory
a lemon lamp
a monkey statuette
16. Lorelai walks into the kitchen at the inn to find Michel and Sookie at war - why?
Michel requested a vegetarian egg white omelet and Sookie made a whole egg one with meat
Sookie made Michel a blueberry smoothie with *20* blueberries, not 15 as Michel had requested
Sookie told Michel it looks like he's gained a few pounds
Jackson is annoying Michel and he's taking it out on Sookie
17. Lorelai explains the events of the previous night to Sookie, wondering why Luke expressed surprise at there actually being a baby chick loose in her house. Sookie explains that calling someone and saying "can you help me look for my loose chick" sounds a little like code for:
"Have your way with me, sailor."
"I'm not wearing any underwear."
"Wanna get lucky?"
"Can you help me with something dirtier later?"
18. Oh, happy day! Richard and Emily got a house in Martha's Vineyard for the summer! They are very pleased that they took advantage of an opportunity to rent a place after:
hearing that the previous owner had died
harassing the person renting their old place to the point where the new renter cancelled
learning the previous owners were in the middle of an acrimonious divorce
offering the owner double the amount of money the current tenant was paying
19. Lorelai makes an inside joke to Rory about wearing an apron. When Emily inquires about the joke, Lorelai tells her and Richard that:
Rory is working at the inn over spring break to make some extra money
Rory is studying the role of women in the 1950's and 1960's as part of a school assignment
Rory has decided to become a maid rather than pursue going to Harvard
Rory is toying with the idea of going to culinary school
20. Rory and Lorelai tell Emily and Richard the story about Stella the runaway chick. Emily's more interested in ________ than anything else.
why Rory was wearing an apron (nobody answered her question seriously)
how Lorelai could let Rory be alone with her boyfriend
why Luke was at Lorelai's house
why Rory's assignment was suddenly Lorelai's responsibility
21. Lorelai stops to admire a motorcycle that's passing by Doose's Market. The motorcyclist pulls over and yells something at Lorelai before she realizes it's Christopher, Rory's dad. What does Christopher yell at her?
"Hey much for a good time?"
"Nice shirt. Take it off!"
"I love you!"
"Hi sexy. Wanna ride?"

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