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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E13: Concert Interruptus
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1. Lorelai's organizing and running a charity rummage sale. Rory makes her donate:
items that haven't been worn since Reagan was president
clothes she's tried to give to Rory in the past - if she's trying to give them away, there must be something wrong with them
anything she'd be embarrassed to be caught wearing in a car accident
anything neon, polka dotted or with an animal print
2. Sookie gets 4 tickets for the Bangles concert in NYC and invites Rory and Lane to go with her and Lorelai. Lane decides she'll ask her mom if she can go after _______, since she'll likely be in a good mood then.
she smiles at Rory and greets her warmly
she sets Lane up on a supervised date with a future podiatrist
she makes a sale
she gets a new monthly shipment of tofu delivered
3. Rory tells Luke she's surprised to see a rummage sale sign in the diner's window, as:
the last rummage sale sign to be placed in the window had been ripped into tiny pieces
Taylor was the one posting the signs in local businesses
the sale has already passed - it was the previous day
she knows how he feels about "public displays of town affection"
4. The rummage sale drop-off sign in Lorelai's front yard reads "________ please".
no roadkill
nothing alive or gross
no more pictures of kittens in toilets
keep your stuff - seriously - we have enough now
5. Luke has a hostile reaction to the sweatshirt Lorelai is wearing. Turns out it belonged to Rachel, the ex who broke his heart. Sookie and Miss Patty are trying to remember what she did for a living - which one of these is not guessed?
flight attendant
6. The rummage sale is being held to raise money for _______.
repairing the old bridge
adding an addition onto the high school
removing the graffiti from the statue in the town square
purchasing the paint needed to "spruce up" the town
7. Paris, Madeline and Louise arrive at Rory's to work on the school project. Paris is more annoyed than usual because:
Rory's house is so small compared to hers
Madeline and Louise are talking to Rory about Dean
the clutter from the rummage sale collection is "distracting"
Sookie is too perky and friendly
8. Lorelai wonders how she didn't know about Rachel, given that she goes to Luke's once or twice a day - sometimes three times, depending on:
if Michel has talked to one of his relatives and his accent has gotten thicker
how late Rory keeps her up at night, gushing about Dean
if Luke is particularly crotchety and prone to ranting that day
how empty her refrigerator is looking
9. According to Sookie, the rumor is that Rachel left Luke because, being adventurous, Stars Hollow was too small for her. Luke, on the other hand, ______ because it would have meant leaving town.
never attended summer camp
wouldn't bring his dying father to a specialist located out-of-state
was hesitant to go on family vacations
wouldn't go away to college
10. The Bangles were Lorelai's favorite band in high school - she says she almost:
married Christopher just so she could walk down the aisle to a Bangles song
named Rory "Susanna"
caused the group to get a restraining order against her
learned to play the guitar
11. Paris, Madeline and Louise go to the concert with Rory after Lorelai offers them the tickets - she senses a bonding opportunity with Rory and her classmates. Paris and Rory bond while Madeline and Louise:
leave the concert with the guys sitting in the row behind them
make out
go to find better seats elsewhere in the arena
go looking for Lorelai and Sookie - they are bored and want to go home
12. Lorelai and Sookie annoy the men sitting next to them at the concert after they:
ask them out on a double date
laugh uncontrollably about how horrible their nosebleed seats are
sing an off-key snippet from "Manic Monday"
wonder loudly when the show is going to start
13. Lorelai asks Sookie about "what kind of pretty" Rachel was. Who does Sookie compare Rachel to?
Elle Macpherson
Elizabeth Hurley
Cindy Crawford
14. After the concert, Rory asks Paris what she could possibly see in Tristin. Paris says it's partially that he's cute, but also that they have things in common, like:
family - they are second cousins once removed
parents that aren't so great
a general disdain towards others
Venezuelan nannies
15. After discovering that Madeline and Louise left the concert to go to a party, Lorelai tracks them down by knocking on every door in the apartment building until she finds them. She barges into the party and announces:
Louise has an STD
the girls are underage
she wants to try whatever Louise and Madeline are drinking to make sure it's non-alcoholic
she's called the police, they are on the way
16. Rory tells Lorelai that Paris has decided to split the debate time with Rory, which is the equivalent of:
the "spitting in your palms and shaking hands" friendship oath
a blood bond - no blood needed, fortunately
a sorority initiation
a loyalty pledge
17. Luke scores at the rummage sale - not only does Lorelai give him Rachel's sweatshirt back, but he buys ________ for a nickel.
a picture frame
one of the "kittens in the toilet" posters
a fishing pole like the one his dad taught him to fish with
refrigerator magnets shaped like sushi
18. Luke tells Lorelai he's "remembering" by holding onto the sweatshirt, not "pining". He says the sweatshirt is a memento, like:
a menu
restaurant matches
a bar napkin
one of the many pictures in the diner

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