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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E12: Double Date
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1. Lane asks Rory to set her up with:
Dean's best friend
Dean's little brother
Babette's son
2. Lorelai keeps joining in on Rory and Lane's conversation, trying to get out of:
hemming a dress for Emily
studying for an exam on Wal-Mart
making goodies for another Chilton bake sale
thinking about Max
3. Sookie is trying to make a variation on baked Alaska. Lorelai suggests a variation - what?
using mashed potatoes instead of merengue
calling it by another name - "baked Alaska" makes no sense
frying instead of baking it - everything is better fried
making them in the shape of Alaska
4. Sookie asks Lorelai to double date with her, Jackson and Jackson's cousin. Sookie: "You will not regret this." Lorelai: "Pick another phrase." Sookie: "___________"
I will make it up to you.
You will not have to pay.
You'll only regret it for a short time.
First 4 drinks are on me!
5. Sookie worries about being a "sexual harasser", as she is technically Jackson's employer. Lorelai tells her if that's the case, she'll need some:
false eyelashes
HR training
6. Rory is not sure if she should tell Lorelai about her double date plans with Dean, Lane and Todd - why?
Lorelai will want to meet Todd and there isn't time for that
Lorelai will want to tag along to supervise the date
she doesn't want to get into the habit of telling Lorelai *everything* - some things should remain a mystery
Lorelai might tell Mrs. Kim about the plans, because of the "mom code"
7. Jackson's cousin Rune is disgusted when he meets Lorelai. Why doesn't he want to go on a double date with her?
he isn't attached to brunettes
her eyes are too close together
she's too tall
he hates her dress
8. The dinner is a disaster - Rune wants to know Lorelai's shoe size, while Sookie goes off on a tangent about _________.
the tomatoes Jackson sold her the week before
the buttons on her sweater
how nervous she gets on first dates
whether the mussels on the menu are fresh
9. Lane's matchup with Todd isn't going so well, either. Lane rambles about music; Todd doesn't care. Lane asks Todd what he wants to major in at school - what's his answer?
study hall
physics... or something
10. Lorelai's patience is wearing thin - she's officially had enough of Rune after he ______ at the table during dinner.
decapitates a butter swan
spits into a water glass
catcalls a waitress
takes off his shoes and picks at his toenails
11. Meanwhile, Lane's had enough of Todd after he tells her his favorite movie is _______.
Ernest Goes to Camp
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
12. After leaving the French restaurant for a dinner at Luke's, Rune thankfully leaves in a huff so he can go bowling. Luke entertains Lorelai with ______ while Sookie and Jackson start their date (by themselves).
a little dance
Go Fish
5 Card Draw
52 Card Pickup
13. Luke tries to ask Lorelai out, but is interrupted by ______.
Mrs. Kim
14. Lorelai goes to see Mrs. Kim the next day, telling her:
Rory said Lane isn't interested in the guy she was on a date with
what a great kid Lane is
she should not punish Lane for disobeying her
Lorelai wants Lane to stay with her and Rory for a while
15. Lorelai goes into Luke's Diner after visiting Mrs. Kim. Luke finishes his idea from the other night, but instead of asking her out, he tells her he wanted to:
offer her a coffee on the house
kick her ass at poker
ask her help in redecorating the diner
teach her the right way to play 5 Card Draw (as opposed to the "Lorelai Way")

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