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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E11: Paris is Burning
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1. Lorelai and Rory are playing the "alphabet disease" game to see who has to:
call Emily to cancel the upcoming Friday night dinner
clean out the refrigerator
pay for lunch
2. Rory, standing with Lorelai in the middle of a dog adoption event in the town square, tells Luke the story of her former hamster Skippy. Lorelai's way of dealing with the animal that loved to bite her - before she dumped him on the counter of the pet store he was bought - was to ______________
add Kleenex to his cage rather than clean it out
attempt to "set him free" outside - somehow he found his way back in the house
bite him back
buy him a hamster companion, which turned out to be a horrible idea since one was male and one was female
By way of explanation.....
"It was the quilted kind!"
3. Lorelai asks Max where he learned how to make the delicious osso buco. He tells her ______ taught him, but she correctly guesses that it was in fact an ex-girlfriend.
his father
an elderly Italian widow who lived upstairs
his high school home economics teacher
his great aunt
4. Lorelai tells Max she should read a Proust novel, as she sometimes gets the urge to say "As Marcel Proust would say..." in conversation. She could say "As ______ would say...", but it's not exactly the same.
Helen Fielding
the guy who wrote all those "Curious George" books
Michael Crichton
Danielle Steel
5. Paris is in a fouler mood than usual, due to the fact that:
she got a B+ on her history midterm
she hasn't heard from her overseas parents in over a month
the sordid details of her parents' divorce are being reported in the papers
she asked Tristin out on a date and he laughed at her
6. Lorelai asks Emily to change the subject after she mentions Parents' Day at Chilton - something Lorelai was not aware of. Emily changes the subject to - what?
her new Coach purse
the birds chirping outside the window
the pleasantness of the color blue
the refreshing lemonade being served at dinner
7. Max overhears Lorelai telling Rory that his ________ knocks 10 points off of his Dream Guy quotient.
dislike of coffee
chivalrous nature
need to make the bed every morning
8. Rory balks at the suggestion she call Max by his first name outside of school - she feels it's disrespectful - so Max suggests they come up with non-Chilton names for each other. He calls her "Rebecca", and she gets the inspiration for his alternate name as a result of having seen this movie earlier in the day.
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Breakfast Club
A Nightmare on Elm Street
By way of explanation.....
she calls him "Norman"
9. Lorelai and Rory have a skating date, and Lorelai's happy she found her long lost ice skates - where were they?
in the drawer with the roasting pans
snuggled up with her roller skates
in the linen closet
in the lingerie drawer
10. Sookie seems unsurprised that Lorelai is now thinking it's time to end things with Max, as:
Lorelai seems to lose interest once the man reciprocates her feelings
Lorelai never wants to have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day - she hates that holiday
Lorelai usually does a "getaway dance" after seeing someone for 2 months
Lorelai gets bored once a man stays the night
11. Lorelai unintentionally hurts Sookie's feelings, reminding her of her years-long relationship drought. After apologizing, she tells Sookie that she can ______ as a form of punishment.
do the Riverdance
give Lorelai work to do in the kitchen
sing Ricky Martin songs to her
not make coffee at the inn for the next month
12. Rory figures out that Lorelai is planning to dump Max after Lorelai:
insists that Rory return Max's Proust book to him
asks Rory to stop calling him "Max" and go back to calling him "Mr Medina"
lets his calls go to voicemail despite being next to the phone
throws a gift from him in the trash
13. Upon arriving at Friday night dinner, Emily immediately berates Lorelai for kissing Max at Parents Day. How did she find out about it?
Paris called her
she's friends with the headmaster's wife
she was also at Parents Day
it was in the newest Chilton newsletter
14. Rory gets angry at Paris for spreading the news about Lorelai and Max kissing, reminding her that:
Paris hated having her personal news spread all over the school
Lorelai has always been nice to Paris
"karma's a bitch"
Rory will be sure to spread rumors about her family, just so Paris can see how it feels
15. Sookie takes a chance and asks Jackson out after he yells at her about:
her lack of availability
the condition of the raspberries he wants to sell her
her not being in the inn in time to receive his produce order
the squash blossoms she berated him into selling her
16. Lorelai tells Max the reason she freaked out and tried breaking up with him - what was it?
Rory telling Lorelai she can picture him as her stepfather
Rory asking if Max was going to be moving in with them
Lorelai realizing she could picture him as part of her and Rory's family
Rory inviting Max to join their plans, calling him by his first name
17. Max tells Lorelai he thinks they should take some time apart after:
realizing he's not sure how he feels about a future with her
being called into Headmaster Charleston's office and being threatened with probation
feeling like a lousy teacher because a student saw him kissing Lorelai
hearing other Chilton teachers talking about his lack of professionalism

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