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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 1 Episode 03: Health Care
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The Office: Health Care

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1. What was Jan's directive to Michael?
Eliminate the company's health care plan entirely
Document all of the ailments of the staff
Choose a cheaper health care plan
To keep the staff as healthy as possible
2. At the beginning of the episode, Michael favors getting the Gold Plan, which has which luxury service?
Shiatsu massage
Hair transplants
ED treatments
3. Dwight jumped at the chance to pick the health care plan, but he wasn't the first person that Michael approached with the task. Who was?
4. Dwight wanted to use the conference room as an office, but Michael wouldn't let him call it that. How did Michael refer to the conference room?
The nerve center for Dwight's operation
A temporary workspace
A MASH tent
A triage room
5. Where did Michael hide from the staff when they were learned of the revision to the health care plan?
His office
The parking lot
The bathroom
6. What did Dwight claim that he could raise and lower at will?
Staff morale
His blood pressure
His work efficiency
His cholesterol
7. When he learned the staff was upset about health care, he promised a big surprise for the staff at the end of the day. What did the surprise end up being?
Gift certificates to a car wash
They would not have to work on Saturday
No one would be fired that day
There was no surprise
8. What is a disease that Jim makes up?
Amoria phlebitis
Spontaneous dentrohydroplosion
Glad cow disease
Ticklish ticking rickets
9. Dwight made a call to Jan. Why?
He could not decide which health care plan to select
He wanted to fire Jim for locking him in the conference room
He wanted to verify the diseases the staff had written down
He wanted to check on the company's financial progress
10. During Dwight's meeting with the staff, Meredith was forced to disclose an embarrassing fact. What was it?
She was an alcoholic
She had a sex change operation
She wasn't a natural readhead
She had a hysterectomy

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