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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E10: Forgiveness and Stuff
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1. It's time for the annual Stars Hollow Christmas pageant, and Rory is in charge of locating the doll used as baby Jesus. She runs into a problem - what?
nobody can find the doll's clothes
the doll is missing an arm
local youths are playing "keepaway" with the doll
the trunk is locked and nobody can get it open, so the doll is stuck inside
2. Lorelai's new nickname for Dean is:
Narcolepsy Boy
Dean the Dud
Dean van Winkle
Snoozy McGee
3. Lane tells Rory that giving Dean a _______ as a Christmas gift sends the wrong message.
bottle of cologne
picture of the two of them
4. Lane follows this up with a story about how buying her mother ________ for Christmas resulted in being sent to bible camp for a summer.
a hat
a manicure kit
5. After Emily uninvites her to Christmas dinner because she can't make it in time for cocktails, Lorelai reminds Emily that she was forced to attend the dinner in the 5th grade despite:
having measles
a trip to the emergency room an hour before the party
getting a concussion before dinner
staying at a friend's house that weekend - she had to leave her friend, attend the party, then return to her friend
6. Despite her protests otherwise, Rory knows that Lorelai is bummed about being uninvited to the party because she loves:
the other guests invited to the party
the check that Richard gifts her every Christmas
the bottle of port that Emily only uses for holidays and special occasions
the apple tarts served for dessert every year
7. Lorelai finds Dean knocking on Rory's bedroom window. She tells him that she thought of 20 different ways to remove his head from his body, her favorite being:
a run in with Freddy Krueger
a giant corkscrew
hedge clippers
a falling tree
8. Lorelai heads to Luke's for dinner and decides not to order the usual burger. She asks to see a menu - why?
she wants dessert for dinner
she wants something "festive"
she decides it's time to do a makeover to Luke's old, tired menu offerings
burgers make her think of Rory, which makes her think of where Rory is, which makes her sad
9. Upon being told the story of being uninvited from her parents' Christmas party, Luke's biggest issue is with:
the fact a Christmas party is being thrown 2 weeks early
Rory choosing to attend after finding out Lorelai was uninvited
the extravagance of rich people's parties when there are so many people in need
the menu options offered at the party
10. Lorelai receives a voicemail from Rory informing her that Richard collapsed and is being brought to the hospital. Luke closes the diner down to bring her to the hospital, as Rory has her car. A grateful Lorelai:
kisses him
teases him for driving so slowly
complains about the lack of heat in the truck
asks him to stop off somewhere so she can grab a cup of coffee
11. While driving to the hospital, Lorelai tells Luke she is sad that:
she doesn't have any happy childhood memories that involve her dad
she never tells her father that she loves him
she's not sure that she even loves her father
Rory might not get a relationship with her grandfather
12. Luke and Lorelai enter the hospital and realize they have no idea where Emily and Rory are. Lorelai hopes some sort of "blood bond" or intuition will lead her to Emily. How does she find Emily in the hospital?
she hears a call for security over the hospital loudspeaker
she runs into Rory, who leads her to Emily
she follows the sound of Emily screaming at the staff
she passes a nurse in the hallway who is muttering under her breath about the "crazy lady" down the hall
13. Lorelai tells Luke he always looks good (then immediately backtracks) after she finds out that:
Luke drove her to the hospital despite having pneumonia
her teasing him about the slow driving has put him in a bad mood
Luke hates hospitals - the sight of sick people makes him feel ill himself
Luke missed his appointment for a haircut because he was driving her to the hospital
14. Rory returns after an unsuccessful search for coffee - the coffee machine is jammed - so she brings Lorelai _________ instead.
hot chocolate
a Coke and a ham sandwich
ginger ale
chicken soup and Pez
15. Richard, now in the recovery room, tells Emily about the location of the wills and financial information while she is busy:
replacing his pillows
looking for his wallet and other personal effects
getting him some tea and cookies
finding a blanket to cover up his cold feet
16. Good daughter Rory attempts lying to Lorelai, telling her that:
she had a horrible time at the party
Emily didn't make the apple tarts this year
Emily expressed sadness and regret at the party because she uninvited Lorelai
she didn't miss Dean all that much
17. Luke tells Emily about his turning his late father's hardware store into a diner - without getting rid of anything his father had hanging on the walls of the store and office - after Emily mentions:
the horrific idea of getting rid of Richard's things, should he die
not wanting to let go of Richard's bow tie after the paramedics handed it to her
not liking change - she likes the life she has now
how much she hates the picture of her that Richard has hanging in his study
18. Luke finds Lorelai some coffee after:
sneaking into the nurses' lounge
driving to a nearby Starbucks
going back to Luke's to bring her a cup of her "favorite" coffee
fixing the hospital's broken coffee machine
19. Lorelai visits the diner and Luke asks about Richard. Lorelai says he's doing well, but he says that life is not life unless __________.
whiskey is involved
your family is near
it includes a steak
you have someone to share it with
20. Lorelai thanks Luke for all of his help by giving him a present - a:
baseball cap
hug and kiss on the cheek
set of Santa coffee mugs

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