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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E09: Rory's Dance
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1. Emily quizzes Lorelai on what's on the cover of the most recent Chilton newsletter. Lorelai's guess is "a rich kid in plaid". What is actually on the cover of the newsletter?
a spotted owl
Chilton's Teacher of the Year - Max Medina
a starving child from a third world country
a Christmas nativity scene
2. Lorelai tells Rory that it's hard to have an opinion of dances when you've never actually been to one. She says Rory is basing her opinion of dances on:
embarrassing reader-submitted stories out of Seventeen Magazine
too many "Soul Train" reruns
unsuccessful attempts to imitate Britney's dance moves from "The Mickey Mouse Club"
a late night viewing of "Sixteen Candles"
3. Despite Lane's saying otherwise, Rory says that Dean is NOT her boyfriend - he's her:
"gentleman caller"
"special friend"
"friend who is a boy"
"male companion"
4. Rory helps Dean _________ at Doose's while she nervously asks him to the dance.
stack cans of green beans
sweep the floor
bag groceries
unload bags of apples
5. Lorelai hurts her back when:
she twists trying to catch a full mug of coffee she's dropped
a mannequin falls on her while she's putting Rory's dress together
she refuses help and tries lifting a bureau across the room
she trips and falls down the stairs
6. Sookie attempts to save the day and help Lorelai by:
bringing over enough coffee for the night, as Lorelai can't move off the couch to make or get her own
finishing Rory's dress, despite the fact she can't sew a straight line
hiring Michel to be her "personal assistant" for the night so she doesn't have to move
offering Lorelai an assortment of painkillers and muscle relaxers out of her purse
7. Rory tells Tristin that there's no way she'd ever go to the dance with him, barring:
the future of the world resting on their going to the dance together
a piano or safe falling on her head
temporary amnesia
his turning into Justin Timberlake
8. Sookie the klutz shows up to see Rory off to the dance, but has to leave early after:
realizing she forgot to turn the oven off at the inn
knocking the mannequin over and hurting HER back too
supergluing her index finger to her thumb
hairspraying her eyelashes together
9. Emily's excitement about getting a picture of Rory getting ready for the dance is short-lived after Rory walks into the room, dressed up and ready to go, ______.
eating a taco
curlers in her hair
reading a book
blowing her nose
10. Emily stays with Lorelai while Rory's at the dance, since Lorelai's back spasms mean she can't move off the couch. While in the house, Emily searches for the crystal candlesticks she gave Lorelai the previous Christmas, and is horrified to discover they were exchanged for:
a monkey lamp
an inflatable Santa Claus for the front yard
a framed Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory poster
11. Emily makes Lorelai a dish that she loved as a child. Unfortunately, adult Lorelai is grossed out by the thought of eating it. What is it?
scrambled eggs and avocado
grape-nut pudding
bagel with lox
mashed banana on toast
12. Rory is delighted to find out a piece of information about Paris's date, Jacob - what?
he thinks she's repulsive
he's dating Louise in secret
he's her cousin
he's a paid escort
13. Despite the goading, Dean (initially) refuses to fight Tristin. "I won't fight you - it would be like fighting _____."
an accountant
my little sister
a teacher
my dog
14. Rory and Dean wind up at Miss Patty's after the dance, as they discovered she had forgotten to lock up. Rory says that in the words of Miss Patty, she's done everything there is to do in show business except:
set fire to the hoop the dog jumps through
sleep with Hugh Hefner
climb out of a clown car
teach Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon how to surf
15. Dean can't believe Rory brought a book to the dance. What book does she bring, that they wind up falling asleep together reading?
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Portable Dorothy Parker
The Giver
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
16. Who finds Dean and Rory asleep in Miss Patty's studio at 5:30am?
Luke, preparing to open up the diner
Miss Patty and her yoga class
Babette and Morey
Emily - she had been out half the night searching for Rory
17. Lorelai fights first with Emily over her mothering skills, then with Rory over the fact she was out all night. Despite telling Emily she trusts her daughter explicitly, Lorelai informs Rory that:
Dean is no longer welcome at the house
Rory's grounded for a month
Rory will be going on the birth control pill
she lied to Emily - she doesn't trust Rory at all

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