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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E08: Love & War & Snow
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1. During a town meeting, Taylor is talking about "peddling drugs to kids". What does he consider to be drug paraphernalia?
tie dye t-shirts
a lava lamp
anything with a "peace sign" on it
2. Rory and Lorelai take great pleasure in watching crotchety Luke get angry at the town meeting. What's he upset about today?
the annual Battle of Stars Hollow re-enactment
the crosswalks being painted in front of his diner
Taylor's insistence that all businesses hang snowflake decorations inside their buildings
the Icicle Festival
3. Rory wakes up in the middle of the night to find:
Lorelai listening to an answering machine message from Max on repeat
Dean waiting for her outside her window
Lorelai decorating the house for a "first snow of the year" party
Lorelai building a snowman outside
4. Lorelai LOVES snow. Some of her favorite things have happened when it snowed - which was not one of them?
her first kiss
Rory's first steps
her best birthday
the first time a boy told her he loved her
5. Rory is a bit uncomfortable over Lorelai referring to Max, her teacher, as "sexy". Lorelai tries to make her more comfortable by saying that while he's being sexy, he's also being - what?
fully dressed
grammatically correct
6. Sookie wants to put maple sugar snowflakes on the guest pillows at the inn. Michel thinks they should be in the shape of ______ instead.
an igloo
a middle finger
a competing hotel guests can visit
7. What kind of cookies does Sookie make for Rory so she can give them to Dean?
oatmeal raisin
rocky road
8. Lane is upset because she doesn't feel Rory is giving enough attention to her crisis, paying more attention to Dean instead. She's stressing about her crush on Rich Bloomenfeld, a guy at school with:
gorgeous hair
beautiful green eyes
great abs
perfect lips
9. Luke tells Lorelai that his father was a re-enactor - it was so important to him that he:
was buried with his musket
mentioned it on his hardware store business cards
had a tattoo of the re-enactor costume
participated in re-enactments all over the country
10. Lorelai's love of snow started at the age of 5, when she:
was stuck inside the house for a week with an ear infection
built the perfect snowman and made a perfect snow angel
was on a ski trip with Emily and Richard
had her first "snow day" at school
By way of explanation.....
She thought the snow was her "present".
11. Lane embarrasses herself at band practice by:
leaning in to kiss Rich Bloomenfeld, to his horror
running her hand through Rich Bloomenfeld's hair - without his permission
announcing her crush on Rich Bloomenfeld
fainting after Rich Bloomenfeld touched her arm
12. Rory is stuck in Hartford with Emily and Richard overnight because of the storm, but Lorelai still gets a gift of sorts, as:
Sookie arrives at the house with cheesecake and a movie
Luke makes the both of them "grown-up hot chocolates"
she gets snowed in at the inn, which she thinks is "magical"
Max is stuck in Stars Hollow after his car breaks down
13. Emily and Richard's cook can't get to the house because of the snow, so Rory cooks them dinner. What does she make?
grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches
frozen pizza
14. While Emily is learning about the wonders of frozen pizza with grated Parmesan cheese, Rory finds something in Lorelai's old bedroom and puts it in her sweater to take home - what?
pictures of her parents as teenagers
an old sonogram picture
a Bangles t-shirt
Lorelai's old diary
15. Richard teases Emily about her teenage crush on this actor.
Errol Flynn
Clark Gable
Cary Grant
Bing Crosby
16. Luke decides to play nice with the reenactors by:
letting them warm up inside the diner, despite the diner being closed for the night
bringing them hot beverages so they don't freeze outside in the snow
dressing up in his father's old uniform and joining them in the reenactment
loaning them extra scarves and hats
17. Lorelai gets over her hesitation over bringing men into the house and she and Max get hot and heavy. That is short-lived, however, because:
Rory arrives home early - the plows cleared the roads in record time
Emily calls with news that Rory will be staying with them all weekend
Lane walks in on them - she had been in Rory's room
the furnace stops working and the house gets so cold that they need to go to Babette's to stay warm

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