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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E07: Kiss and Tell
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1. While Taylor Doose and Luke are fighting about the diner's lack of festive autumn decorations, Lorelai:
calls the diner's phone, hoping the call will stop the fighting
pulls out her cell phone and pretends to make a call, hoping Luke will notice
debates going to Weston's Bakery instead, where she will be served in a timely fashion
goes behind the counter to help herself - she won't be ignored, dammit!
2. Rory had unsuccessfully tried to get Luke's attention and break up the argument by announcing:
Lorelai's pregnant
Lorelai's not wearing underwear
they are moving out of Stars Hollow
Lorelai's engaged to Al of Al's Pancake World
3. Taylor and Dean try to build _______ out of cranberry sauce cans in Doose's Market.
a pilgrim
the Mayflower
a turkey
the Horn of Plenty
By way of explanation.....
they can't get it to look enough like a ship, so they call it "Plymouth Rock" instead.
4. Rory kisses Dean in Aisle 3 of Doose's Market - the "good aisle", according to Lane - and runs out of the store with an unpurchased _______ in her hand.
box of cornstarch
can of ant spray
bottle of soda
5. How does Lorelai find out about the kiss?
Babette mentions it - she was in Doose's and saw the whole thing
she sees Dean outside the market and he nervously lets it slip in conversation
Luke mentions hearing a rumor - Miss Patty told him while eating lunch at the diner
Mrs. Kim tells her when she goes to the antique store to pick up a chair
6. Lorelai tries to get Rory to spill the beans about the kiss by relaying a plot line of what show?
General Hospital
Hart to Hart
7. Lorelai goes to Doose's to spy on Dean and (literally) runs into Luke. She tells him that Dean looks smug bagging the groceries, and is upset with the way that he is:
tossing the groceries from one hand to the other before placing them in the grocery bags, like he's "trying to juggle them"
handling lemons before putting them in the grocery bags
using plastic bags instead of paper ones
talking to the customers - he has an "attitude"
8. Lorelai invites Dean to movie night at the house after:
Rory mentions that she'd like to spend some time with him
he runs out of Doose's to give them the candy they had bought but had not been put in the bag
Rory tells Dean she can't see him that night because she "has" to watch a movie with her mom
Lane backs out of movie night - Mrs. Kim has grounded her again
9. Dean winds up arriving to Lorelai and Rory's a half hour late - why?
his car wouldn't start so he had to walk to their house
Miss Patty stopped him outside of Doose's Market, telling him about how "magnificent" the Gilmore girls are
Taylor makes him stay late at the market to attempt making another Mayflower out of cranberry sauce cans
Babette and Morey had cornered him outside as he was heading to the house
10. Sookie arrives at the house with food, trying to get a look at Rory's new guy. After Lorelai shoos her out of the house without a glance, she gets back into the house by:
taking the pizza from the delivery man and "delivering" it herself
pretending to be a door-to-door knife salesperson
walking into the house, acting as though she and Lorelai had existing plans that night
saying her car broke down outside their house - could she come in and call for help?
11. What movie are Lorelai, Rory and Dean watching during movie night?
The Wizard of Oz
A Clockwork Orange
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
The Little Mermaid
12. Rory teases Lorelai about her recurring dream in which she:
marries an Oompa Loompa
becomes Willy Wonka
eats all of the candy inside Willy Wonka's factory
finds one of the golden tickets
13. After Lorelai gives Rory and Dean some alone time, Rory comes into the kitchen and freaks out because Lorelai isn't in there with them. She tells Lorelai about part of her kiss with Dean, which Lorelai mentions is very "polite". What was it?
Rory curtsied after the kiss
Rory said "thank you" after the kiss
Dean asked her if he was "allowed" to kiss her
Dean made sure she was comfortable before kissing her
14. Lorelai to Rory: "Once your heart is involved, it all comes out _______".
like a song
in moron
sounding silly
15. Lorelai has a little heart-to-heart talk with Dean while Rory is in the bathroom. She tells him that Rory is beloved in Stars Hollow, and that everyone will be watching him. She also tells Dean that Rory will:
kick his ass if he tries anything inappropriate
not be disrespected or Lorelai will make sure Dean never gets near her again
not be allowed on his motorcycle
be home by 11pm every night they are out together
16. After movie night with Dean is over, Rory gives Lorelai the one thing she had really wanted - what?
validation that inviting Dean over had been a good idea
a play-by-play account of the kiss
a hug and "thank you"
the last Mallowmar

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