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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E06: Rory's Birthday Parties
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1. Emily and Richard want Rory and Lorelai to pick out items they want to be left to them in Richard and Emily's will. They ask Rory and Lorelai to identify the items they want by:
leaving post-it notes on said items
writing their names in Sharpie under each desired item
putting custom-made stickers of their faces on said items
rounding up the items and marking them with a price tagging gun
2. Lorelai is shocked when Emily serves a dessert that Lorelai loves but Emily hates - what?
rhubarb pie
butterscotch brownies
3. Emily refuses to give up her Friday night dinner for Rory's birthday - she wants to throw Rory a party of her own on Friday. Lorelai has no luck getting Emily to change her mind, but jokes with Rory that Emily did agree to:
have the waitstaff wear roller skates, like carhops
make the string quartet learn "Like a Virgin"
add frozen pizza to the menu
put a disco ball in the foyer
4. Lorelai tells Sookie that Emily's issue with pudding is that:
it looks like diarrhea
nobody should eat food that can be swallowed without being chewed first
it reminds her of baby food - adults shouldn't be eating baby food
it's "hospital food"
5. Jackson serves Sookie and new fruit hybrid he's created. It's a cross between what 2 fruits?
raspberry and kumquat
grape and banana
watermelon and blueberry
kiwi and orange
6. Who clues Rory into the fact that Emily and Richard have invited her Chilton classmates to their Friday night party?
7. At Emily's request, Lorelai and Emily go shopping for Rory's birthday gift. Emily is mortified at Lorelai's choices of gift ideas, which include all of the following but one - which one?
day planner
guitar-shaped purse
Hello Kitty lunch box
Farrah Fawcett t-shirt
8. According to the story Lorelai tells Luke, what happened at Rory's 8th birthday party?
fireworks malfunctioned and a tree caught on fire in the front yard
Miss Patty got drunk and started doing a striptease
the clown was arrested
a goat got loose from its enclosure in the petting zoo
9. What is Rory's only complaint so far about her life?
her height
she doesn't yet know how to drive a stick
10. Rory and Lane visit Luke's before school to find that Luke set up a "birthday table", complete with balloons and:
a "breakfast burger"
coffee cake
blueberry muffins
a birthday omelet
11. Lorelai runs into a high school classmate at Emily and Richard's party, who keeps discussing ______ with Lorelai.
her cheating husband
Rory's "gorgeous" boyfriend
her teenage crush on Lorelai
12. After Rory gets angry about her classmates being invited to the party, Emily gives her and Lorelai the cold shoulder. Richard, on the other hand:
gets drunk and sings "Happy Birthday" to Rory
gives Rory a check to put towards a trip to Fez
tells Emily she's being unreasonable
gives Rory the keys to her new car
13. While Lorelai and Sookie are busy setting up for Rory's Stars Hollow party, Rory goes to a local college fair, where she discovers that:
she is interested in the Princeton brochure
Emily is there, waiting for her
Paris is also planning on attending Harvard
Tristin has told everyone about the "ridiculous and pathetic" party her grandparents threw for her
14. What does Lorelai give Rory for her birthday?
a locket with their picture inside
a MacBook
her Jeep
a pair of Doc Martens
15. Emily and Richard arrive at Rory's party - it's the first time they've ever visited, so Lorelai is freaking out a bit. Emily becomes even more uncomfortable when:
Miss Patty hits on Richard
the other party guests give them the silent treatment
Sookie asks Emily about her complicated relationship with Lorelai
Babette tells Emily she was under the impression both of Lorelai's parents had died
16. Luke becomes Lorelai's hero of the party when:
he fixes the grill that had broken halfway through the party
he goes on a beer run
he arrives with much-needed bags of ice
he keeps Richard occupied by talking insurance with him
17. Richard goes to sit on the porch while the party continues inside. Rory gives him _______ to occupy his time.
a Wall Street Journal
her Pre-Calculus textbook
a Cosmopolitan magazine
a Harvard brochure
18. Emily asks Lorelai about her relationship with Luke, insisting that he was looking at Lorelai like:
she was a princess
she was going to give him a lapdance
she was a nice, cold beer
she had a halo around her head
19. Emily realizes that she knows nothing about her daughter when she sees:
an acceptance letter to the business school Lorelai is attending
a portrait of Rory that Lorelai painted
a picture of Lorelai with a broken leg
a hotel management award
20. Lorelai spots Rory outside the kitchen window - and she's not alone! Dean has stopped by to give her a birthday gift - what?
a handmade bracelet
a scarf
a special edition of Jane Eyre

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