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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E05: Cinnamon's Wake
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1. What is Lorelai's idea for a new reality TV show?
Emily Gilmore's maids, past and present, fight to the death for another chance to be her maid
People on a job hunt
Michel looking for a job at a company that would tolerate his crazy antics
People look out their kitchen window for a change
2. Rory's morning starts off on a happy note when:
she gets a lovey dovey voicemail from Dean
Dean hops on her bus so he can talk to her for a stop or two
Luke, in an unusually good mood, makes her strawberry banana pancakes
she finds out school has been cancelled due to a water main break
3. Michel is acting very put out since Lorelai "forced" him to:
help guests carry their bags to their rooms
speak French to the French businessmen staying at the inn
smile at the guests
end his phone calls with "have a nice day"
4. Lorelai needs to bring something to the Chilton bake sale. What does she make?
mint chip oatmeal cookies
blueberry muffins - bought from Luke's
mystery meat pies
nothing - she has Sookie make a variety of goodies
5. Sookie accidentally sets the table on fire thanks to a flambé torch. Lorelai puts the fire out with:
a glass of punch being sold at a neighboring table
a fire extinguisher
Max's jacket
water from one of Chilton's fountains
6. Max Medina asks Lorelai out. Uneasy about accepting a date with her daughter's teacher, she lets Max know:
she will only date him if it's going to lead to something long-term
she really loves Thai food
where she will be having coffee after her business school class is over
her plan to not date anyone until Rory is in college and out of the house
7. Lane tells Rory that if she could live anywhere, she'd live in Philadelphia - why?
M. Night Shyamalan lives there
the Rocky movies are a "guilty pleasure"
as the daughter of an antiques store owner, she finds Philadelphia's history fascinating
she loves their cream cheese
8. Morey and Babette's cat Cinnamon is dyspeptic as a result of:
a burger from Luke's Diner
Chinese chow mein
Sookie's walnut brie
clams from Al's Pancake World
9. Rory stops by Doose's Market and runs into Miss Patty, who offers up a ______ along with some talk that Patty realizes too late may be inappropriate for young ears.
box of condoms
Slim Jim
tube of lipstick
By way of explanation.....
According to Patty, fruit is better than sex.
10. Max convinces Lorelai to go on a date with him by telling her a story about:
his ex-fiancee
his uncle and the neighbor girl he was in love with
his parents' courtship
former students in his Intro to Shakespeare class and their ill-fated romance
11. Sookie breaks one of Luke's rules and goes behind the counter to get a(n) ______ because he forgot to include it with her meal. Once there, she decides to help other customers until an angry Luke returns.
cup of coffee
onion for her burger
side of French fries
12. Lorelai tells Sookie that the debate over whether to date Max is a real crossroads situation, like "to _____ or not to ______".
wear white after Labor Day
13. Poor Babette realizes that Cinnamon has died when:
Morey accidentally kicks her across the room like a soccer ball
she doesn't meow when her favorite cat food commercial airs on the TV
she doesn't try to eat nachos - one of her favorite foods - off of Babette's plate
after being nudged, she falls off the couch, slides on the waxed floor and hits a lamp
14. Lorelai is so busy comforting Babette and Morey during an impromptu wake for Cinnamon that she forgets about her date with Max. She remembers when:
she sees him standing on her porch, knocking on the door
she listens to his hostile, angry voicemail he left after he was stood up
she is getting ready for bed and sees her "date outfit" hanging in the closet
she is signing a permission slip for Rory the next morning and sees his name on the paper
15. Babette tells Lorelai she's afraid Morey won't want to be with her anymore, now that they've "lost a child". She thinks this based on something she:
read in Reader's Digest
was told by her therapist
saw on "Oprah"
overheard Miss Patty saying
16. Rory is not pleased about the potential Lorelai/Max coupling - why?
she thinks Lorelai should be with Christopher, her father, instead
it will make things awkward for her at school
she doesn't want her mother involved with anyone until she's away at college
she thinks Max is "a drip" and Lorelai can do so much better
17. Emily refuses to leave messages on Lorelai's answering machine, because if she wanted to talk to a machine, she'd:
talk to her VCR
get a robot
visit an ATM
call her mother-in-law

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