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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E04: The Deer Hunters
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1. Rory sure is having a bad day at school. First she ________________, then she has to deal with creepy Tristin bothering her.
is told by Headmaster Charleston that she isn't "cutting it" at Chilton
is locked in a bathroom stall by Paris, Madeline and Louise
gets her first "D" on a paper
realizes she forgot her Calculus homework at home
2. A local food critic reviews the restaurant at the Independence Inn. Lorelai is ecstatic because Sookie and her food get rave reviews, but Sookie is less than thrilled - why?
the critic refers to her as "Spookie"
the critic calls her risotto "fine"
the picture of her that the magazine published is very unflattering
the critic doesn't mention every dish she cooked/he ate
3. An impatient Lorelai tries distracting the studious Rory by asking to go for ice cream. Rory says that if Lorelai lets her study instead of getting ice cream, she will:
play interference for Lorelai while they go shoe shopping
buy Lorelai a pony
be Lorelai's best friend - if that's even possible
do their laundry for a month
4. Rory visits Lane and tries sneaking her _______, but Mrs. Kim catches Lane with it and Rory takes it back, pretending it was hers to begin with.
an Eminem CD
a magazine
a Snickers bar
hair gel
5. Lorelai rambles to Sookie about a Chilton debate the previous week over:
whether Backstreet Boys or N'Sync had the cutest band members
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
whether forcing someone to watch Showgirls counted as "cruel and unusual punishment"
whether plaid scrunchies were acceptable headwear
6. Sookie claims her risotto is "magic". What story does she tell to back up her claim?
Her brother bought a winning lottery ticket after eating the risotto.
Her mother, on her deathbed, lived for 3 more years after eating the risotto.
Her infertile sister became pregnant with twins after a dinner of risotto.
The house she wanted went on the market after she served the owners the risotto.
7. Lorelai arrives late to the parent/teacher meeting at Chilton and makes quite the stir after:
nearly knocking over a globe
hitting on a Chilton father
tripping and spilling her coffee all over the floor
announcing loudly that she's in the wrong classroom
8. Although not as bad as the outfit she wore during Rory's first day at Chilton, Lorelai walks into the teacher meeting wearing something unexpected, which teacher Max Medina asks her about. What is she wearing?
a B-52's t-shirt
a leopard print scrunchie
purple fishnet stockings
fisherman boots
9. Luke brings a frustrated Rory a piece of pie, telling her that ________ usually signals a need for pie.
crying at one of his tables
violent pencil-tossing
R-rated language
By way of explanation.....
If she had thrown a pen, he would have brought her a trout. "I don't make the rules, I just carry them out."
10. Boy, those Gilmore girls and their tendency to sleep through alarms.... So, Lorelai and Rory once again awake in a panic, as Rory needs to be to school on time to take an important test. She would have been to school on time, but something happens that causes her to be late - what?
both front tires go flat
the car runs out of gas
a deer runs into the car
the red traffic light doesn't turn green - it's broken
11. Rory is not allowed to take Mr. Medina's test because she arrived a few minutes late. She responds to this news by:
yelling at Paris and Tristin on her way out of class
crying on Mr. Medina's shoulder - literally
hyperventilating until the nurse came to take her out of class
12. After much stressing, Sookie figures out why the food critic thought her "magic" risotto was just "fine" - what was it?
he was coming down with a cold
it was served with the wrong wine
she used the wrong broth in the risotto
he was high on drugs
13. Lorelai calls Headmaster Charleston by this nickname while ranting about Chilton's unrealistic expectations put on students, and the fact that Rory was not allowed to take the test.
Il Duce
El Jefe
De Leider
14. Lorelai tells Headmaster Charleston and Mr. Medina that the idea of Chilton being a great school goes on her "boy, was I wrong" list - above gauchos but below __________.
pink eye shadow
1980's aerobic video attire
the "Flashdance" phase
15. Sookie decides to "fix" the risotto "problem" by doing what?
requesting a retraction be put in the magazine
going to the food critic's house with risotto and the correct wine
attempting to bribe the critic
asking the critic out on a date
16. Rory asks Lorelai to make a stop on their way home from Chilton, so she can:
look for the deer that hit the car
head to Luke's for the world's greatest cheeseburger
see Emily and Richard
ask Dean, the "new kid", out on a date
17. Lorelai and Rory arrive home to hear Max Medina leaving a message on the answering machine. Before telling Lorelai he hopes they meet again, he informs Rory that:
she will be able to take the test after all
he is very disappointed in her classroom behavior - he expected more from her
she will be allowed to do extra credit work to make up for the missed test
she will unfortunately not be able to recover from missing this test, as it was worth 20% of her grade

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