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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 1 Episode 02: Diversity Day
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The Office: Diversity Day quiz

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1. What is Jim trying to deal with throughout the episode?
He is trying to reach his mother who has been in a car accident
He is afraid he is about to be fired
He has lost his cell phone
He is trying to close a sale with his big client
2. What is the name of the consultant who has been brought in to conduct Diversity Day?
Mr. Brown
Mr. White
Mr. Orange
Mr. Pink
3. Michael: "Why don't we go around and everybody say a race ...."
That you are afraid could beat you up
That you are attracted to sexually
That you would sell your soul to be a member of
That you do not blame for the ills of society
4. The consultant has been brought specifically to respond to Michael's impersonation of which comedian?
Jerry Seinfeld
Carlos Mencia
Richard Pryor
Chris Rock
5. The Diversity Day consultant cannot leave until Michael signs the pledge. How does he sign it?
With his name
Daffy Duck
With an x
I didn't learn a damned thing. Love, The Queen of England
6. Michael: "Abraham Lincoln once said, If you are a racist...."
You will never win a People's Choice Award
I will attack you with the North
You cannot come over to dinner at my house
You should go back to Russia where you belong
7. What word, according to Michael, has "certain connotations"?
8. Michael makes the staff place index cards on their foreheads. What is written on the card?
Famous black comedians
Different colors of the rainbox
Names of races
Names of known terrorists
9. At the end of his diversity exercise, someone slapped Michael hard. Who?
10. Jim had purchased something to celebrate closing his big sale. What was it?
A deluxe tuna sandwich
A new car
A limited edition comic book
A small bottle of champagne

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