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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E02: The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton
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1. Lorelai is preparing for Rory's first day at Chilton by:
French braiding her hair
adding "sassy" alterations and touches to her uniform
painting her toenails red
trying to memorize the Chilton handbook
By way of explanation.....
"Everybody knows that private school girls are bad, and bad girls always wear red nail polish."
2. The Gilmore girls panic when Lorelai sleeps through her alarm - Rory can't be late on her first day, lest she be known as "the late girl" for the rest of the year! - but the bigger emergency is that:
Lorelai's Jeep won't start
all of Lorelai's nice clothes are still at the dry cleaners
Rory misplaced her backpack
Rory's skirt doesn't fit
3. Lorelai uses the headmaster's secretary as an example of:
what happens when one goes to bed with makeup on
pulling one's hair back too tightly
what happens to someone who diets his or her entire adult life
why drugs are bad
4. The Gilmores' introduction to Headmaster Charleston, already slightly uncomfortable because of Lorelai's attire, is made even more so because:
Emily had decided to join the meeting
they were a half hour late to the meeting
Lorelai calls Headmaster Charleston by his first name, which he seems offended by
Lorelai's jokes don't go over well with the headmaster
5. Rory had been in the German Club at Stars Hollow High, but the club disbanded after 2 of the 3 members:
got food poisoning after eating Lorelai's attempt at wiener schnitzel
joined the Spanish club after discovering the members of that club were "hotter"
moved to Germany
joined the French club after seeing Schindler's List
6. Rory tells Headmaster Charleston she wants to attend Harvard to study journalism and:
art history
political science
criminal justice
7. Rory mentions that she wants to be like Christiane Amanpour. Headmaster Charleston mocks her a bit, asking her if she's sure she doesn't want to be like the following, except for one. Who?
Oprah Winfrey
Katie Couric
Rosie O'Donnell
one of women from "The View"
8. Rory's guidance counselor is said to handle everything except:
actual guidance issues
bulimia and pregnancy
marijuana or pills (he'll handle cocaine or heroin issues, though)
"anything brought on or made worse by PMS"
9. Lorelai tells Luke that she overslept because her ______ alarm clock didn't ______ on time.
angry; scream and swear
jelly; jiggle
fuzzy; purr
vibrating; buzz
10. Mean girl Paris Geller introduces herself to Rory, making it known that she will be editor of the school newspaper next year. What is the paper's name?
The Franklin
The Washingtonian
The Chronicle
The Eagle
11. Rory meets the less-than-charming Tristin Dugray, who annoys her by insisting on calling her ______.
"New Kid"
Lorelai Jr.
12. While working at the Independence Inn, Lorelai refuses a date request from:
employee Michel
a Chilton dad
produce man Jackson
the valet
13. Rory accidentally destroys Paris's history project, which happened when...what?
Rory dropped her heavy backpack on the desk
Rory tried getting her stuck locker to open
Rory backed up and bumped into Paris
Rory stuck her foot out to tie her shoe
14. Luke expresses his relief that Lorelai turned down the date with the Chilton dad who visited her at the inn, using what excuse?
the Chilton dad is "probably old"
the Chilton dad is "probably a rich snob"
Lorelai mixing her personal life with Rory's school life is a "recipe for disaster"
the Chilton dad "sounded like a womanizer"
15. Lorelai rushes home after receiving a call from neighbor Babette. She discovers after talking to the men snooping around the outside of her house that:
Richard hired a new home insurance company for Lorelai
Emily sent realtors over to price out Lorelai's house - she wants to buy them a house closer to Chilton
Emily ordered DSL installation at Lorelai's house
there had been an anonymous phone call saying that Rory was in danger
16. Rory further infuriates Paris in history class by:
answering the teacher's questions before Paris can answer
intentionally calling her "London"
asking so many questions that Paris can't get a word in edgewise
making friends with Paris's partners-in-crime Madeline and Louise
17. The sign hanging outside Luke's Diner indicates that it used to be this type of establishment.
hardware store
pet store
By way of explanation.....
"Williams Hardware"

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