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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E01: Pilot
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1. Gilmore Girls takes place in this fictional Connecticut town.
Cabot Cove
Stars Hollow
Mystic Falls
2. We are first introduced to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore when:
a customer at Luke's Diner hits on them both, not realizing they are mother and daughter
they are driving through town on a coffee run
they wake up in a panic after sleeping through their alarms
Lorelai finds Rory waiting by the mailbox, waiting for an acceptance letter
3. Rory's best friend Lane tells her that if her strict Korean parents still have a problem with _____, there's no way they'll understand Lane's love of "evil rock music".
the portion size of American food
reality TV
Harry Potter
4. Lane to Rory: "Koreans never joke about ________."
the Bible
future doctors
5. The Independence Inn's chef, Sookie, is a major klutz. She falls in the kitchen and injures herself, but doesn't seem to care that she's bleeding, as she's so happy that she:
caught the mouse that was making its home in the inn's kitchen
fixed the peach sauce
cooked a perfect pot roast
was named as one of the top chefs in CT by a local TV show
6. Mrs. Kim doesn't like Lorelai because, according to Lane:
she thinks Lorelai's name is unusual
she doesn't like beautiful women
she thinks Lorelai has done a horrible job raising Rory
she doesn't trust unmarried women
7. Lorelai gives Rory a gift to surprise her with the news that she's been accepted to Chilton Preparatory - what?
a plaid skirt
a backpack
a day planner
a laptop
By way of explanation.....
the skirt is part of her Chilton uniform
8. Rory tells Lorelai that she is so excited about the thought of leaving Stars Hollow High for Chilton that she:
announced the news during morning announcements
hugged her Geometry teacher on the way out of class
ate lunch with the popular kids
dressed for gym and played volleyball
9. Rory meets new kid Dean, a transplant from Chicago, when he stops to help her after she drops her books. She makes reference to a movie and is pleasantly surprised that he knows the reference. What movie do they both discuss?
Rosemary's Baby
The Breakfast Club
By way of explanation.....
"You're like Ruth Gordon just standing there with a tannis root. Make a noise!"
10. While walking with Dean to Miss Patty's dance studio, Rory nervously discusses _______ with him.
Stars Hollow
11. Dean tells Rory he has noticed her at school, and not only is she "nice to look at", but he is also impressed with her:
work ethic
amazing concentration
commitment to making the honor roll
12. Rory mentions her hesitation at attending Chilton, giving a list of excuses, but Lorelai doesn't figure out that a boy is involved in this thought process until:
Miss Patty mentions finding a job for Rory's "male friend"
Dean stops by the house to say hello
Luke mentions seeing Rory and "the new kid" to Lorelai
she notices Dean and Rory looking at each other through the front window at Luke's
13. Lorelai's father Richard works in this business:
stock market
14. Lorelai becomes angry at the first Friday night Gilmore family dinner when Richard mentions:
teenage pregnancy
Lorelai's "low-class" job
the state of her house
Christopher, Rory's father
15. Emily expresses her anger and disappointment at many aspects of Lorelai's life - which of the following is not one of them?
Lorelai getting pregnant with Rory at 16
Lorelai living in a "backwards hick town"
Lorelai not marrying Rory's father, as she "should have" done
Lorelai working as a maid after leaving home
16. How does Rory discover that Emily and Richard are giving Lorelai money for her Chilton education?
she overhears Emily and Lorelai fighting
she finds the check from Richard sitting on the seat of Lorelai's Jeep
Emily tells her to spite Lorelai
Headmaster Charleston informs her
17. Diner owner Luke expresses his concern over Rory's - and Lorelai's:
lack of boundaries with each other
clothing choices
coffee addiction and love of unhealthy food
tendency to order food and not eat any

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