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How Well Do You Know: Better Off Ted: Racial Sensitivity
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1. Things have gotten awkward between Ted and Linda since they kissed. They get more awkward when Ted meets Linda's new boyfriend Don:
In the men's room
At Linda's cubicle
At the elevator
In the Veridian cafeteria
By way of explanation.....
"You hold a hell of an elevator door."
2. Phil asks Lem if he ever gets the feeling that ooplasm regards him as:
Their much, much taller older brother
A weatherman
The president of Veridian Dynamics
A vengeful god
By way of explanation.....
"Cytoplasm cultures sometimes, but never ooplasm."
3. What is Phil's complaint about his coffee mug?
His name is misspelled
Lem washed it out with hydrochloric acid
The handle is upside down
Lem has grown bioweapons in it
By way of explanation.....
"You know, soap would work, and it wouldn't kill someone if they accidentally drank it."
4. After Veronica's explanation about the problem with the motion sensors, we see Lem not be able to activate a water fountain, and then....
Sit in a pitch-black bathroom stall
Fall down an elevator shaft
Get trapped in an elevator
Walk into a sliding glass door
By way of explanation.....
"They insist the worst people can call it is 'indifferent'."
5. Veronica, on whether or not Veridian acknowledges the problem: The company's position is that it's actually the opposite of racist, because it's not targeting black people. It's just.....
Ignoring them
Discounting them
Overlooking them
Looking right through them
By way of explanation.....
"Well, they know it has to be fixed, right? Please at least say they know that."
6. It turns out that Don is actually a pretty good guy. Ted is impressed with several things about him, including the fact that Don:
Was taught to make paper airplanes by Chuck Yeager
Threw a frisbee with Bruce Jenner
Played miniature golf with Tiger Woods
Raced go-carts with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
By way of explanation.....
"And for some reason, he could name every freshwater fish in North America."
7. Veridian's commercial: Diversity: just the thought of it makes these white people....
Dream of a better tomorrow
Want to hug a minority
By way of explanation.....
"Just like we enjoy varieties of foods, we enjoy varieties of people, even though we can't eat them."
8. Confronted by Lem and the other black employees, Veronica recounts how she was discriminated against as a youth, because she was:
Too beautiful
Too athletic
Too tall
Too golden-haired
By way of explanation.....
"No, how could you? You're still not 5'9"."
9. Veridian moves to address the problem with the motion sensors by providing the black employees with separate:
Rest rooms
Drinking fountains
By way of explanation.....
"She said they're working 24/7 to make things right."
10. Having acknowledged she has heard the complaint, Veronica advises Lem to walk away:
By way of explanation.....
"Look at you, letting him be heard."
11. Veridian hires a bunch of minimum-wage white guys to follow around the black employees and activate things for them. Lem's white guy is named:
By way of explanation.....
"He's a huge idiot But he was born with the god-given talent to trigger a light sensor, so here we are."
12. Stu is trying to identify something he is tasting. What is Stu tasting?
Kool Aid
By way of explanation.....
"You really shouldn't eat things in here."
13. Ted refers to the whites-following-around-blacks solution as Operation....
White Wash
White Shadow
White Elephant
White Out
By way of explanation.....
"So then we'd have to hire more white people for those black people, which we can't do without hiring more black people."
14. Veronica bemoans the fact that she has had an awful, awful day. Immediately after saying this,
She receives a salary increase
She and Ted kiss
Lem and Phil storm into her office
She is notified she will receive a humanitarian award
By way of explanation.....
"Listen, you're not you know What, Ted? Embarrassed? Upset? Disappointed? Itchy? Hungry? Earning twice your salary? Don't worry. I'm not any of those things. Maybe a little hungry. Plus, the salary thing."
15. Veronica cites the Veridian Dynamics company motto....engraved right there on the lobby floor. What is it?
Money Before People
Fortune Favors Those with Fortunes
Supremacy Forever
Revenue Before Reason
By way of explanation.....
"It just looks more heroic in Latin."
16. Lem and Ted work up a presentation for the Veridian brass, during which they cite that:By Thursday, June 27, 2013, every person on earth will be working for Veridian, and we don't have....
A big enough HR department
Enough intramural teams
ID badges
The parking
By way of explanation.....
"Now let's take a look at how this would affect health care costs."
17. At the end of the episode, Veronica gives Ted a gift of:
A water bottle
Her lingerie
A bottle of her perfume
By way of explanation.....
"Walkin' away tall, Boss."

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