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How Well Do You Know: The Office, S04E06: Branch Wars
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1. Who receives an offer from another branch that touches off the branch war?
2. And which branch makes said offer?
3. Michael is working on a desk dummy, inspired by something he saw in this movie:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Weekend at Bernie's
The Naked Gun
4. Meet the Finer Things Club. Who, specifically, is barred from joining the Finger Things Club?
5. Dwight and Michael take Jim along on their raid, telling Jim:
They are going to Corporate
They are going to look at a new office building
They are going to bail Packer out of jail
They are going to go make a big sale
6. What gets thrown out of the car while it is moving on the highway?
Jim's cell phone
Jim's wallet
A bottle of urine
Michael's GPS
7. The car carries each of the following for the purposes of the raid, except for:
Bottle rockets
Silly string
8. Jim's disguise comes complete with:
A mustache
A wig
A fat suit
9. Andy aspires to join the Finer Things Club, as it is the most exclusive organization at work. The Party Planning Committee is his back-up. What is his safety?
Erin's babysitters club
Kelly's Grey's Anatomy fan club
Kevin's band
Meredith's Alanon circle
10. Dwight and Michael create havoc in the rival branch, as they get their hands on:
An elevator
A copier
A water cooler
Fire extinguishers
11. Karen spots Jim:
Climbing out of a dumpster
Skulking in an alleyway
Crawling through bushes
Hiding in the car
12. Appearing to have lost Stanley, Michael vows to do this if anything bad happens to Stanley:
Drive Utica out of business
Burn Utica to the ground
Bomb Utica back to the stone age
Choke the Utica rivers with the bodies of his enemies

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