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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E04: Face My Enemy
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1. What is the only item that survives the fire that destroyed the Santa Maria de las Flores church?
A painting
A crucifix
An altar
A chalice
2. Why is this painting special to S.H.I.E.L.D.?
It has a list of all the Koenig brothers.
It shows an image of the blue alien whose bodily fluids saved Coulson's life.
It has the same alien writing on its back that Coulson has been channeling.
It has a map to all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hidden bases.
3. Despite Mac having completely restored a vintage Rolls Royce, Coulson still won't allow him to touch what?
The controls of the Bus.
His vintage Captain America trading cards.
The microwave.
4. How much would May pay, right now, for a pair of flats?
5. Laughing and smiling do what to Agent May?
Make her feel beautiful.
Make her face hurt.
Make her angry.
Make her feel like a schoolgirl.
6. May still remembers the steps. Where did she learn to dance?
Dancing With The Stars
The Bulgarian mission
Sausalito Swing Club
Dance elective at the Academy
7. May's and Coulson's cover may be blown when this person shows up at the fundraiser.
Agent Hill
Gen. Talbot
Dr. Whitehall
8. Everyone on the team got to be involved in the mission, except the person who had to babysit the plane. Who stayed on the Bus?
9. Why is it always...
Pressure plates
Heat sensors
Laser grids
Guard dogs
10. Laser grids defeated, Coulson and May discover the painting is gone. Skye reports that which person has it?
Tony Stark
Gen. Talbot
11. Talbot is revealed to be working for which person?
Dr. Whitehall
Skye's father
The President of the United States
Nick Fury
12. Hunter describes his ex-wife as what?
A saint
A patient, but unforgiving woman
A demonic Hell-beast
The love of his life
13. Talbot isn't Talbot! Who has been using technology to impersonate Talbot?
Dr. Whitehall
Agent 33
Nick Fury
14. May discovers that Hydra is responsible for making off with the painting but is knocked unconscious. Who takes May's place to get close to Coulson?
Agent 33
Dr. Whitehall
15. Fitz or Simmons? "I think you're ignoring a rather significant elephant in the room."
16. May has been avoiding a discussion with Coulson about what subject?
What to do with Ward.
Whether to reveal Skye's parentage.
How to deal with Coulson when he starts to go crazy like Garrett.
Their undying love for one another.
17. Who helps Fitz repair the Bus and keep it from exploding by being Fitz's hands?
18. What is May's plan for dealing with Coulson if he does start to go crazy?
Cryogenically freeze him until a cure can be found.
Move him to a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.
Take him to a cabin in the Australian Outback.
Shoot him in the head.
19. Coulson tells May to forget her plan. What does he order her to do if he starts to go crazy?
Cryogenically freeze him until a cure can be found.
Move him to a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.
Take him to a cabin in the Australian Outback.
Kill him.
20. Dr. Whitehall really wants the Obelisk. He gives Raina how long to return it before he starts doing awful things to her?
12 hours
24 hours
48 hours
72 hours

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