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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E03: Making Friends and Influencing People
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1. Ageless wine connoisseur Dr. Whitehall is engaged in a little brainwashing as the episode opens. Who is he trying to force into compliance?
A Koenig brother
Agent 99
Agent Hartley
Agent 33
2. Theo, the gentleman working the front desk at Simmons' new workplace, is too sweet. But, according to Jemma, he…?
Drinks too much coffee.
Mixes his metaphors.
Should smile more.
Should find another job.
3. Simmons is revealed to be working at a lab run by which organization?
Wayne Tech
Stark Enterprises
4. Mac and Hunter have a wager over whether Skye attended S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. What are the stakes?
Loser has to take inventory.
Winner gets a chicken dinner.
Loser gets to wash the Bus. By hand.
Loser has to seal the grout in the newly retiled bathrooms.
5. Mr. Turgeon, Simmons' boss, tells her she doesn't want to go upstairs. Why?
Women don't belong upstairs.
People who go upstairs disappear.
The higher you go, the scarier it gets.
She's too important to his research.
6. Simmons discovers that a familiar face is the subject of her current research. Who is it?
Donnie Gill
Carl Creel
Steve Rogers
7. Donnie Gill, having escaped the Sandbox, is currently living in what city?
Marrakech, Morocco
Bonn, Germany
Pretoria, South Africa
Porto Alegre, Brazil
8. Where were the Hydra agents meant to deliver Donnie?
Rio de Janeiro
San Luis Obispo
San Dimas
Maribel Del Mar
9. Whew! Simmons isn't a traitor! She's working undercover within Hydra. Coulson, however, isn't thrilled with her diet of sriracha and beer (and tea!). While she debriefs, he'll cook a meal that includes what?
Sriracha and beer
Steak, potatoes and kale.
Fish and chips
10. Fitz or Simmons? "Be like Ward? I can't lie like he did."
11. The best case scenario for why Hydra wants Donnie Gill is they want him as a scientist. The more likely scenario is they want him…?
...dead. be a spokesperson for the Hydra cause. a weapon. chill Dr. Whitehall's wine.
12. Which team member has started acting as translator for Fitz, to help him find the right words?
13. Ward was never loyal to Hydra. He was loyal to?
The highest bidder.
The teachings of Sun Tzu.
The truth.
14. According to Ward, a gifted that refuses Hydra is…?
... a threat.
… no big deal.
...a gift.
15. Fitz or Simmons? "My loyalties are with science."
16. Which of the following is not one of the things Donnie needs Hydra to understand?
He's tired of running.
He's not interested.
He's not afraid.
He's pissed off.
17. Fitz discovers that Ward is being held in Vault D and decides to give him a first hand experience with hypoxia. What does Ward reveal to Fitz?
Skye's father is alive.
Simmons is working for Hydra.
Donnie Gill didn't just escape the Sandbox, he took it over for Hydra.
Garrett isn't dead (but he is still crazy!).
18. To protect Simmons, May shoots Hunter. Which team member is disappointed they couldn't be the one to shoot him?
19. Who shoots Donnie?
20. Ward swore never to lie to Skye because he needs her to believe him when he tells her what?
May is her mother.
Ward is working undercover for Fury.
Her father is alive.
Coulson is her father.

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