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How Well Do You Know: Godzilla (2014)
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1. Godzilla features an intriguing opening credits sequence, in which text is systematically:
Burned off the screen
Blacked out as if redacted
Eaten by a little Godzilla-like monster
2. When we first see Godzilla specialist Dr. Serizawa, he is holding this item:
A toy airplane
A compass
A stick of gum
A watch
3. Serizawa investigates a fossilized cavern underneath a:
Mine site
Nuclear reactor
US Air Force installation
Sprawling shopping mall complex
4. Young Ford Brody grows up in this location:
5. Calamity strikes for Joe Brody and his family on the occasion of the birthday of:
Ford Brody
Joe Brody
Sandra Brody
6. The last that Joe Brody sees of his wife:
She is crushed by falling cement
She dies of cancer in a hospital
She is standing on the other side of a sealed containment door
She is being dragged away by some unseen being
7. Having just arrived back stateside to his wife and son in _________, Ford has to go back to Japan, as his father as been ________
Houston / deported
San Francisco / arrested
Los Angeles / declared missing
Seattle / hospitalized
8. Joe and Ford are arrested when they venture into the quarantine zone, trying to get to:
Joe's old house
Joe's old research lab
The theorized location of Godzilla's lair
Ford's old school
9. This accompanies the hatching of the first monster we see in the movie:
An electromagnetic pulse
An cataclysmic earthquake
A nuclear blast
A horrific lightning storm
10. Serizawa works for this organization which has spent decades studying and hunting for Godzilla:
11. The last we see of Joe alive, he is on:
A naval medical ship
A helicopter
A collapsing gangway
12. Aside from Godzilla, the other two beings in the film are known as MUTO: _____________ Unidentified Terrestrial Organism
13. Serizawa believes Godzilla's main function is to:
Achieve supremacy
Restore balance
Establish a new age of alpha predators
Decimate humanity
14. Ford's wife Elle isn't given much to do in the movie, but we know that she works in:
An elementary school
A television station
A hair salon
15. The first US city hit by an unrequested MUTO attack is:
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Francisco
16. On the island, the MUTO is found feeding off the wreckage of this type of craft:
A fishing boat
An airliner
A submarine
A military jet fighter
17. When the MUTO hits the first U.S. city, Ford is on __________......
A bus
A plane
A train
A boat
18. ...and Ford is in the company of:
His wife
An elderly woman
A lost child
19. After Honolulu, the next city to get MUTO'd is:
Las Vegas
San Diego
20. One primary difference between MUTO A and MUTO B is that:
One has wings, one doesn't
One has Atomic breath, the other doesn't
One is light-colored, the other is dark
One fires laser-like beams from its eyes, the other doesn't
21. The nuke which will be used to destroy the MUTOs was originally to be transported to San Francisco via:
Aircraft carrier
22. Trapped on a bridge by one of the MUTOs, Ford realizes:
It cannot be killed
It has killed the other MUTO
The MUTO is trying to prevent the other MUTO from destroying the city
It is pregnant
23. Through what type of vehicle we do see a mechanized unit attacking Godzilla from a bridge?
An ambulance
A school bus
A fire engine
A tank
24. When the two MUTOs meet near San Francisco, one passes the remaining warhead to the other, which then:
Devours it
Destroys it
Buries it
Flies off with it
25. Ford and the rest of his team skydives into the heart of the city, trailing this color smoke as he falls through the air:
26. The two MUTOs are giving Godzilla more than he can handle, when.....something happens. What occurs to draw away the larger MUTO?
Tanks and aircraft fire on the city
The three monsters are bombarded with electrical charges
The nuke detonates
Ford destroys the nest
27. Godzilla executes the first MUTO when he:
Drowns it
Smashes it with his tail
Tears off its wings and hurls it into a bridge
Collapses a building onto it
28. Ford tries in vain to stop the final nuke, which was timed to detonate:
After the MUTO had ingested it
When it was airborne
When it was at sea
When it was in the nest
29. Ford is rescued by ___________ before he is blown to bits by the nuke:
Dr. Serizawa
A helicopter
A fisherman
His wife
30. As Godzilla wakes up and drags his old bones back to the sea, he is shown on a video screen that reads "King of the Monsters ___________"
Menace to Us All
Savior of Our City
Our #1 Threat
Our Last Best Friend

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