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How Well Do You Know: The Man With the Golden Gun
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The Man With the Golden Gun

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The opening scene of The Man With the Golden Gun reveals that the villain, Francisco Scaramanga, has what distinguishing feature?
A sixth finger
No earlobes
A superfluous papilla
Webbed toes
Scaramanga's henchman, Nick Nack, keeps Scaramanga's shooting skills in trim by hiring assassins to kill him. Nick Nack is played by:
Verne Troyer
Herve Villechaize
Gary Coleman
Emanuelle Lewis
The theme song for The Man With the golden Gun has some of the worst ever lyrics in a Bond theme. Of the following, which is a lyric from the song?
Golden bullets - he only needs one / the man with the golden gun
If he's after you, you'd better run / the man with the golden gun
If you want to get rid of someone / the man with the golden gun
The name's James bond and I'm here to say / I'm the rocking secret agent from London, UK
After receiving a golden bullet with 007 on it, M lists several parties who might want to put out a contract on James Bond. Who does not make the list?
Jealous husbands
Outraged chefs
Humiliated tailors
What is Scaramanga's asking price per assassination?
One million dollars
Two million dollars
Three million dollars plus a pack of golden bullets
Peanuts and a hearty 'well done'
Bond's first step in tracking down Scaramanga is to find the golden bullet that killed 002. What is it being used as now?
An exhibit in MI6's trophy cabinet
A paperweight on a Syrian police chief's desk
A tooth in the mouth of an Egyptian gangster
A lucky charm in a belly dancer's navel
Bond's pursuit of Andrea Anders is interrupted by this woman, MI6's liaison officer in Hong Kong. Name her.
Mary Goodjob
Mary Goodnight
Mary Goodtime
Mary Goodhead
The front for MI6's secret Hong Kong headquarters is
A laundry
A Chinese teahouse
A Buddhist temple
A capsized cruise ship
Scaramanga was after a solar cell so efficient it would end the energy crisis. What is the name of this MacGuffin?
Solex agitator
Apollo capacitator
Phaeton alternator
Helios actuator
When does Scaramanga make love to Andrea Anders?
Every day, at dawn
Only before he kills
Whenever he feels like it, that's the point of having a mistress
He doesn't. He prefers the charms of Nick Nack
Still on the trail of Scaramanga, Bond visits Hai Fat, the man who hired him - only to find this lady swimming naked in the pool. Name her.
Fook Mee
Chew Mee
Suk Mee
Fook Yoo
Bond is knocked unconscious and wakes up in Hai Fat's martial arts school. How does he dispatch his first opponent?
Using the Marques of Queensbury rules, proving the superiority of British imperialism
By kicking him in the head as he bows
By kicking him in the groin.
With a roundhouse kick to the head, Chuck Norris style
How does Bond escape the martial arts school?
He beats up the school's best student and is allowed to leave
He beats up the master of the school and is allowed to leave
He beats up the entire school
He dives out a window, and a pair of schoolgirls conveniently show up and beat up the entire school
Scaramanga's golden gun is constructed from ordinary every-day golden items. Which is not used to make the golden gun?
Cigarette lighter
Who sent Bond the golden bullet?
Andrea Anders, so Bond would kill Scaramanga and set her free
Goodnight, to bring Bond out to the Far East so they could continue their romantic liaison
Q, to get Bond out of the office
Scaramanga, because Bond would be his finest kill ever
Bond villains often share a trait with Bond - mixed parentage. Who were Scaramanga's parents?
A Cuban circus ring leader and a British snake charmer
An Italian elephant trainer and a Mexican trapeze artist
A Brazilian lion tamer and a Ukrainian gymnast
A Panamanian clown and a Japanese magician's assistant
Sheriff J.W. Pepper, the redneck Louisiana sheriff from Live and Let Die, makes an appearance. He meets James Bond once again while he is:
Buying souvenirs
On a tourist cruise of the Bangkok canals
Shopping for a car
Negotiating with a lady of the night
And speaking of J.W. Pepper, why didn't he want his wife to buy a souvenir wooden elephant?
An elephant sprayed him with water
An elephant pushed him into the river
Because he and his wife are Democrats
Because elephants are ugly
The Man With the Golden Gun features one of the most spectacular stunts in James Bond history - a 360 degree spiral loop. Unfortunately, this spectacular stunt is ruined by:
A slide-whistle sound effect
The fact that the car used in the stunt is a different color than the one Bond drives
The stunt obviously being filmed on a studio set
The whole thing is obviously a model
Scaramanga escapes from Bond to his private island. How?
By activating a remote-control road sign that sends Bond in the wrong direction
By bribing the Thai police to stop Bond and arrest him
By converting his car into a plane and flying away
Bu disguising himself as an old lady and Nick Nack as a baby
Bond arrives at Scaramanga's island and is challenged to a duel that reaches its climax in Scaramanga's bizarre funhouse. What is not a feature of the funhouse?
A skeleton dangling on a string
The tea party from Alice in Wonderland
A wax dummy of Al Capone
A hall of mirrors
It's no surprise who ends up winning the duel - but how does Bond do it?
By drawing and shooting first after twenty paces
With the help of Nick Nack, who inherits the hideout when Scaramanga dies
By taking the place of a wax dummy and hoping Scaramanga won't notice
By getting Scaramanga to talk too much and then shooting him while his guard is down
Looking back on her adventures, Mary Goodnight can only conclude she is not the most competent agent ever to be produced by MI6. Which of the following is not a gaffe that she commits?
She jealously interrupts Bond's tryst with Andrea, so he can't get closer to Scaramanga
After being handed the one thing that will solve the energy crisis, she gets trapped in a car boot
She accidentally turns on a high-temperature solar beam by brushing a control panel with her bottom
She sets off a maintenance-guy-into-liquid-helium reaction that destroys the island
Bond’s getting it on with Goodnight is interrupted by the sudden reappearance of Nick Nack. How does Bond dispose of him?
By locking him in Scaramanga's wall safe
By pushing him in Scaramanga's gas over and setting it to roast
By trapping him in Scaramanga's dumb waiter and dropping it down the shaft
By stuffing him a suitcase and hanging him high on Scaramanga's junk (no, not that junk!)
Bonus question: As usual with James Bond movies, the plot is markedly different from that of the book on which it is based. What happens in the opening scenes of the book?
Bond is in treatment, recovering from the poisoning sustained on his last mission
Bond is asked by M to have dinner at his club and spot how M's bridge rival cheats at cars
Bond, frustrated with M keeping him busy on pointless tasks, prepares his letter of resignation
Bond, brainwashed by the KGB, tries to assassinate M

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