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Taye Diggs makes some extra cash as a real estate agent.

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1. What holiday does the movie take place around?
New Year
Fourth of July
2. The movie is broken into three parts, each identified with a title. Which of the following is NOT one of the titles?
Adam & Zack
3. Why does Ronna need to make money quickly?
She owes money to a loan shark
She needs to buy a Christmas present
She needs to pay her rent
She needs to pay her tuition
4. In the "Dead Celebrities" game, Mannie mentions Xerxes as an "X" celebrity. Who does he say Xerxes was?
An Egyptian pharaoh
A Roman emperor
A Russian czar
A Chinese ruler
5. What '80s movie does Todd Gaines quote in his apartment?
The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
Weird Science
6. Who does Adam say he thinks is one of the promoters of the Mary X-Mas rave?
Traci Lords
Marilyn Chambers
Paris Hilton
7. While high on Ecstasy, what song does Mannie fantasize dancing around the supermarket with the checkout lady to?
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Livin' La Vida Loca
The Macarena
Achy Breaky Heart
8. What is the longest amount of time Marcus has had sex using tantric lovemaking?
2 hours
6 hours
14 hours
24 hours
9. How do Tiny and Singh get sick in Vegas?
They drink too much
They eat bad shrimp
Herpes outbreak
10. Where did Simon meet Marcus?
A rave
Traffic school
The supermarket
Community college
11. What is the name of the strip club that Simon and Marcus go to in Vegas?
Crazy Horse
Big Top
Centerfold Lounge
Palomino Club
12. What does Simon order in the strip club to get the private dance?
13. Where do the guys stay in while in Vegas?
MGM Grand
14. The guys have to pay the kid in the adjoining hotel room to open the door. How much do they pay?
15. Adam and Zack star in a soap opera. What fictional town is the setting for that soap opera?
Crystal City
Prospect Place
River Run
Eden Valley
16. How did Zack first find out that Adam was cheating on him?
A pair of socks
A bottle of cologne
A credit card bill
A box of condoms
17. What brand do Burke and Irene sell?
Confederated Products
International Allied
ABC Unlimited
18. Of the following products in the Burkes' home, which is the only one that they do NOT specifically state as coming from Confederated Products?
Toilet paper
19. Adam and Zack find out that they are both cheating on each other with the same guy, Jimmy, who works on the soap opera. What is Jimmy's job?
Craft Services
20. What comic strip does Todd Gaines hate?
Family Circus

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