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How Well Do You Know: Edge of Tomorrow
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1. The film mainly concerns the Mimics having overrun this continent:
North America
South America
2. Rita Vrataski is known as the Angel of this town, where she acted heroically in an apparently decisive battle against the Mimics:
3. The type of Mimic that William Cage comes into contact with which gives him the ability to loop back to the start of the day is:
4. Prior to the events of the movie, Cage has had zero combat experience, specializing instead in:
Research and development
Military strategy
Finance and procurement
5. "Operation ________________ is going to be the largest mechanized invasion in the history of mankind." What is the code name for the invasion?
6. ...and said operation, which Cage is sent to cover much against his will, will be conducted on the grounds of this country:
7. Each time Cage wakes up at Forward Operating Base, Heathrow, he hears this disparaging term:
8. Awakening at Forward Operating Base, Heathrow, Cage meets Master Sergeant Farell, who is from this town:
Popejoy, Iowa
Dixie Inn, Louisiana
Cottage Grove, Tennessee
Science Hill, Kentucky
9. Cage is assigned to _______ Squad:
10. Dropped into combat for the first time, Cage faces this problem with his suit:
He can't figure out how to turn the safety off
He is wearing it backward
He doesn't have a helmet
He wears his Claymore backwards
11. Once on the beach, Cage witnesses (a number of times) a member of his squad dying by:
Being drowned by a Mimic
Detonating his own mine
Another squad member shooting him in the head accidentally
Being crushed by a falling airship
12. Cage dies the first time by, essentially,
Burning to death
Getting decapitated
Getting his chest blown apart
13. As proof that he has already lived the day, Cage identifies this frowned-upon activity that the squad is enjoying:
Exchanging pornographic trading cards
Playing a card game
Throwing darts
14. Having met Cage on the battlefield and realizing he is reliving the day, Rita tells him:
You're just getting started
Come find me when you wake up
Keep getting yourself killed
Tell me when you make it off the beach
15. When Cage first finds Rita at the base, she is:
Scowling over a report
Beating the everloving crap out of the Mimic-simulator machines
Doing pushups. Lots and lots of pushups
Doing yoga
16. Rita and her associate Dr. Carter explain about the Battle of Verdun:
It never actually happened
The Mimics allowed the humans to win
Cage took part in, and was actually killed during, the battle
It actually hasn't happened *yet*
17. On his first time on the training floor, Cage dies shortly after:
Losing his head
Being skewered through the chest
Breaking his back
Breaking his leg
18. Rita explains to Cage that she lost her ability to time-loop by:
Getting a concussion
Getting killed by an Alpha
Having sex
Getting a blood transfusion
19. Cage receives a vision - a false vision, as it turns out - of the Omega at a dam in this country:
20. Taking a day off from combat, Cage heads into London but is killed by Mimics as he:
Stands on a bridge
Rides a motorcycle
Looks down from a tower
Sits in the General's office
21. Rita and Cage finally make it off the beach and requisition some vehicles. What is the problem with minivan Rita drives?
It won't start
There's a Mimic hiding in the back seat
It overheats soon after she starts driving
She doesn't unhook the trailer attached to it
22. At a farmhouse, the two find this mode of transportation, which Rita wants to take to the dam (Cage resits).
A helicopter
A school bus
A motorcycle
An airplane
23. As she dies after the helicopter crash, Rita tells Cage this piece of information, which she hasn't truthfully disclosed before:
The name of the town where she was born
Her middle name
Her cat's name
Her favorite color
24. At the dam, Cage realizes that not only is the Omega not there, but:
The Mimics know Cage has the power to reset the day
More than one Omega exists
The dam is rigged by the Mimics to self-destruct
He has lost his time-traveling power
25. Cage finally gets the vision which reveals the true location of the Omega after using Dr. Carter's transponder device, which he has to stick:
In his heart
In his leg
In his neck
In his arm
26. The Omega hides in a well-known:
Art museum
Political building
Amusement part
27. Cage loses his ability when he gets a blood transfusion after:
Being carelessly shot by Rita
Falling down stairs
Being shot by the General's security detail
Being in a car crash
28. Cage convinces the squad to accompany him to the Omega by revealing this fact:
One of the squad is a female posing as a male
One of the squad is Sergeant Farell's son
That one of the squad has been going by the name of another soldier that was previously killed
One of the squad is a prominent politician
29. Cage ultimately kills the Omega with:
A flame thrower
A mine
Rita's sword
30. When the Omega is killed, the rest of the Mimics:
Fall still
Continue to fight

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