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How Well Do You Know: Virtuosity
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1. Parker knows where to find Sid in the game. What clue is always there to let you know Sid is close by?
2. Where does Parker and his partner find Sid hiding in the game?
A busy crosswalk
A movie theatre
A shopping mall
A sushi restaurant
3. Parker is upset and claims Sid cheated in the game. How did Sid cheat?
He used fire as a weapon
He was wearing protective gear
He used electricity as a weapon
He used another person as a shield
4. What body part did Parker lose because of Matthew Grimes?
A leg
A arm
A hand
A eye
5. Clyde has invented a technology that allows inanimate objects to become animated. What object does he use to demonstrate this procedure?
A doll
A snake
A bird
A gerbil
6. Daryl tricks Clyde into releasing Sid from the game. What does Clyde believe he is getting instead of Sid?
A large dog
Priceless jewels
Slutty Sheila
7. Clyde's new technology allows an object to be animated, with the help of what substance?
Living tissue
8. Parker is offered a full pardon on the condition he does what?
Kill Sid
Disable Sid
Bring back Sid alive
Capture Sid
9. Doing research into Sid's programming, Parker discovers Sid is made of:
Serial killers
All sorts of criminals
10. Once out of the game, Sid becomes obsessed with finding his signature look. What is it?
Brightly colored suit
Fedora hat
Hawaiian shirt
11. Sid takes over a ______ and tries to make a symphony of screaming and crying.
Music concert
Radio station
Night club
12. Dressed in his bright blue suit, Sid walks in a mall to the beat of what song?
Soul Man
Staying Alive
Bad to the Bone
Sharped Dressed Man
13. Desperate to be seen, Sid goes to what kind of sporting event to be on the Jumbotron?
Arena football
Ultimate fighting
14. Sid tricks Parker into thinking he did what?
Shot a child
Killed a mother and child
Shot a elderly man
Killed a woman
15. How did Parker's wife and daughter die?
In a explosion
By being shot
By being pushed off a bridge
In a house fire
16. How does Parker get free from police prisoner van?
Parker causes a accident and escapes
Sid releases him
Dr. Madison releases him
Parker over takes the guards
17. What is Sid's catch-phrase to Parker?
Look what you did
How do you like me now
You will never catch me
This one's for you
18. Who does Sid kidnap?
Cochran's son
A young mother
Madison's daughter
Two teenage girls
19. How does Parker incapacitate Sid?
By pushing him through glass ceilings
By throwing him off a roof
By shooting him in the head
With an explosion
20. Where does Parker get the material to disarm the bomb which left by Sid?
Madison's necklace
His prosthetic arm
His watch
Karen's shoes

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