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How Well Do You Know: Creepshow
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1. Prologue/Epilogue: Young Billy is in trouble with his father for:
Watching scary movies late at night
Drawing on his bedroom walls
Sneaking out of the house
Reading comic books
2. Prologue/Epilogue: Back when the film was released in 1982, you'd have no way of knowing that the actor that played Billy would one day grow up to be this horror novelist:
Bentley Little
Robert R. McCammon
Joe Hill
Dean Koontz
3. Prologue/Epilogue: Billy's comic book ends up in hands of....
A priest
A dog walker
A garbage man
A neighborhood bully
4. Prologue/Epilogue: ....and one of those garbage men is played by this horror movie veteran:
John Carpenter
Bruce Campbell
Tom Savini
Sam Raimi
5. Prologue/Epilogue: The garbage men note that an ad for this has been clipped out:
Miracle strength powder
A Swiss army knife
A hypnotism device
A voodoo doll
6. "Father's Day:" Long-deceased Nathan Grantham killed the suitor of daughter Bedelia. How did Bedelia's beau die?
In a hunting accident
His car was forced off the road
In a boating accident
He was shot by an intruder
7. "Father's Day:" Visiting his grave, Bedelia hears her father calling for:
His daughter
His dog
His cake
A drink
8. "Father's Day:" This falls on the ground right before dead ole' Nathan Grantham rises from the grave:
Cigar ashes
Dead rose petals
9. "Father's Day": Whose head is on Father's Day cake that Nathan Grantham finally gets to enjoy?
His granddaughter, Sylvia
His great-great granddaughter, Cass
His daughter, Bedelia
Cass's husband, Hank
10. "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill": Jordy Verrill's doom begins when he touches something that:
Falls from the sky
He finds on the side of the road
He digs up from a grade
He finds in a creek
11. "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill": In his dream of upcoming wealth, Jordy imagines himself demanding this amount of money for the object:
12. "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill": Who warns Jordy not to take a bath?
The ghost of his priest
The ghost of his brother
The ghost of his wife
The ghost of his father
13. "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill": The segment ends with a news broadcast warning of:
Further meteor storms
Alien invasion
14. "Something to Tide You Over": The two male rivals in this tale are known from starring in these two sitcoms:
Cheers and Police Squad
Benson and Three's Company
Cheers and Benson
Three's Company and Police Squad
15. "Something to Tide You Over": Richard uses this to compel Harry to come to where he is holding Becky:
A scrawled note
A tape recording
A photograph
A severed finger
16. "Something to Tide You Over": Richard buries Becky and Harry:
Right on top of each other
Down the beach from each other
Within a few feet of each other
17. "Something to Tide You Over":The water-logged corpses of Becky and Harry come calling for Richard while he:
Eats dinner alone
Watches TV
Takes a shower
18. "The Crate": Mild-mannered professor Henry Northrup fantasizes about:
Killing his wife
Making love to his comely female assistant
Killing his boss
Winning fame and fortune
19. "The Crate": Printing on the side of the crate suggests its contents were found on:
A lunar expedition
An arctic expedition
An Amazon expedition
A trans-Siberian expedition
20. "The Crate": The first person killed by the creature is:
A dean
A trespassing student
A janitor
A football coach
21. "The Crate": Henry Northrup attempts to do away with the crate by:
Burning it
Pushing it into a lake
Placing it in front of a train
Burying it
22. "They're Creeping Up on You!": Upson Pratt seems to be afraid of:
The dark
Other people
23. "They're Creeping Up on You!": These vermin are at the heart of the story:
24. "They're Creeping Up on You!": ___________ heralds the onset of the swarm of cockroaches:
Lightning strike
25. "They're Creeping Up on You!": Miserable old Pratt retreats to his safe room. Unfortunately, lots and lots of bugs emerge in the safe room from:
Inside a sink
The air conditioning vent
Beneath the floorboards
Under a blanket

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