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How Well Do You Know: Thirteen Ghosts
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1. There are many, many ghosts in this movie. This is not one of the ghosts:
The Torso
The Torn Prince
The Wayward Captain
The Hammer
2. The opening scene of the film plays out in a deserted:
Amusement part
Junk yard
Airport hangar
3. The target of the ghost being hunted by ghost hunter Cyrus Kriticos in the opening scene is:
The Breaker
The Hammer
The Crusher
The Crippler
4. As the film introduces Cyrus's nephew Arthur and his children, it is suggested that Arthur's wife died:
In a car accident
In a house fire
By being murdered by Cyrus
During childbirth
5. Arthur learns that he will inherit Cyrus's house:
From a mysterious phone call
From a written letter from Cyrus
From a formal written will
From a video message from Cyrus
6. When Arthur and family visit the house, they meet Dennis Rafkin, who is already there, posing as:
A phone company technician
An electrical repairman
A land surveyor
A traveling salesman
7. The building material is used most prominently in the walls of the house:
8. While Arthur is off signing papers with the lawyer Ben Moss, Dennis makes his way to ________ where he sees the captured ghosts:
9. Arthur's son Bobby rides this mode of transportation, which he rides through the house:
Pogo stick
Roller skates
Skate board
10. This person inadvertently activates a device that seals off the house and frees the ghosts:
Ben Moss
Bobby's nanny Maggie
11. Ben Moss dies by:
Being electrocuted
Getting cut in half
Being decapitated
Being stabbed with a knife many, many, many times
12. When Bobby sees the ghost of his mother, she:
Speaks in a language he can't understand
Is missing two of her limbs
Carries her severed head in her hand
Is hooked up to an IV
13. As Arthur searches for Bobby, he finds this item Bobby had dropped:
His slide whistle
A tape recorder
Hist baseball cap
His samurai sword
14. Arthur's daughter Kathy is attacked by this freed ghost:
The Torn Prince
The Jackal
The Torso
The Dire Mother
15. Kathy is saved by the attack by:
Arthur alone
Arthur and Bobby
Arthur and Kalina
Arthur and Maggie
16. For whatever reason, these seem to help ward off the ghosts:
17. Kalina explains that the house is a version of this machine:
Protagoras's Machine
Basileus's Machine
Mobius's Machine
Archimedes' Machine
18. At the end of Kalina's explanation about the house, she says the goal of the machine is to power up:
The Eye of Hell
The Mind of Hell
The Soul of Hell
The Mouth of Hell
19. The thirteenth ghost must be:
A blood relative of one of the other ghosts
A willing human sacrifice
A first-born male
A soul already bound for Hell
20. As Dennis and Arthur descend into the basement, they are protected by:
A bible
The power of love
A flare
21. Who proves to be not as dead as we all thought?
Arthur's wife
The Jackal
Ben Moss
22. Dennis is killed by:
The Jackal
The Hammer
The Juggernaut
23. Kalina is killed by:
The Jackal
The Hammer
The Juggernaut
24. As Arthur and Cyrus fight, who disrupts the machine, freeing the ghosts to kiss Cyrus?
Dennis's ghost
Kalina's ghost
The ghost of Arthur's wife
25. The 2001 film is a update/remake of the 1960 film from this horror maven:
Tobe Hooper
John Carpenter
Dario Argento
William Castle

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