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How Well Do You Know: You're Next
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1. The hired killers in the film wear masks evocative of different animals. Which is not one of the masks worn?
2. The first two victims in the film are a man and his girlfriend, who both die soon after having sex. After the woman is killed, the man is murdered soon after:
Talking on the phone
Making himself a drink
Taking a shower
Smoking a cigarette outside
3. The slightly dysfunctional family at the center of the film gather together for:
The parents' anniversary
The reading of the will of a deceased relative
A birthday
An engagement party
4. Our heroine Erin accompanies her brother Crispian on the weekend. On the way to the house, Erin learns that Crispian's father has retired from working for:
A corporate law firm
A television network
A public school system
A defense contractor
5. Crispian's mother sends Erin next door for milk. She gets no answer at the door, and the only sign that something is wrong is this, explained by the opening scenes of the movie:
The car has a flat tire
Loud music plays
A fire burns in the fireplace
A bedroom window is broken
6. The fateful dinner opens with a conversation about Aimee's boyfriend's Tariq's occupation, which is:
Video game designer
7. The tension during the dinner increases as we learn that Crispain and Erin met when:
She was his TA
He was her coach
He dated her sister
She dated her brother
8. Tariq is the first member of the household to meet his doom. Tariq gets a crossbow bolt through the head as he:
Notices something odd through the window
Storms out of the dining room
Gets in a fistfight with Crispian
Brings the main course to the dining room
9. Tariq dies right away after being crossbow'd through the head. Drake is shot, also, but not fatally. Where is Drake hit?
10. After the initial assault, the family members realize their escape from the house is complicated by the fact that:
A member of the local police is on on the murders
Their cars have been destroyed
Their cell phones are being jammed
The house's power has been cut
11. Aimee believes that she should be the one to run out the front door to one of the cars, because:
She is the best driver
The killers won't expect her to risk her life
She is the fastest runner
Everyone in the family looks up to her
12. The matriarch of the family dies as she tries to recover from seeing her daughter killed. Having retired to a bedroom, she is murdered by a killer who had been hiding:
In a closet
Under the bed
Behind draperies
In an easy chair
13. Several members of the family find the mother murdered in the bedroom. Where in the bedroom is "You're Next" written in blood?
On the wall
On the ceiling
On the door
On the floor
14. Drake's wife Kelly tries to run next door to the house where the initial murders took place. How far does she get?
A few steps out the door, before getting shot by a killer hiding under the porch
Part of the way down the driveway, but she is stabbed by a killer waiting behind one of the cars
Halfway to the house, before she is run down by one of the murders driving a car
All the way to the house, where she is punched through a glass door and killed
15. Increasingly useless Drake blacks out from pain after he hits the crossbow arrow, still protruding from his shoulder, on:
The garrote wire
A tree branch
A car door
A column on the porch
16. Erin kills the first of the murders with this kitchen implement:
A meat tenderizer
A meat cleaver
A waffle iron
A lazy susan
17. Paul, the father, is killed immediately after realizing:
His wife isn't actually dead
One of the killers is a former work colleague
One of the killers had been in the house for days
One of the killers is his own son
18. Erin hides from killer in closet. Killer finds and tries to kill Erin. Drake stumbles across the scene. Killer closes in on Drake with an ax. Erin stabs killer with:
A nail file
A metal clothes hanger
A screwdriver
A shard of wood from the closet
19. No one involved in the murders saw Erin coming. Perhaps they would have, had they known that Erin had spent a good deal of time:
In a survivalist compound
In an orphanage
In the military
In prison
20. Felix is revealed to be one of the killers when he offs Drake by:
Smashing his head with a metal tool box
Stabbing him with several different implements
Slitting his throat with razor wire
Suffocating him with sheet plastic
21. Zee? She's a killer too. During a break in the action, she proposes that she and Felix get amorous:
Next to his dead brother
Next to his dead sister
Next to one of the slain killers
Next to his dead mother
22. Felix offers to pay one of the remaining killers double his original price. Why?
Felix agrees the whole affair is a lot more complicated than anticipated
Erin had killed the killer's brother
The killer has taken Zee captive
Felix is slowly bleeding to death
23. Erin gets the drop on the final hired killer after distracting him with:
Blaring music
Camera flash
24. Erin gets creative and kills Felix with this item found in a kitchen:
Garbage disposal
Stand mixer
25. Crispian reveals his involvement to Erin, admitting that an important part of his plan was:
She be left unharmed
She ultimately kill Zee and Felix
She witness Crispian kill Zee and Felix
She kill the police that respond to the scene

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